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Nylas CEO here-- we build infrastructure that powers apps and developers pay us to run it (like AWS). Check out a few here: https://www.nylas.com/use_cases

N1 is a new platform, and fits within our free usage for developer accounts. Paid features (potentially via paid plugins) are coming later. For now, we're focused on ironing out the UI/UX bugs, scaling onboarding system, and opening the codebase to developers.

We're a product company, not an advertising company. We have no plans to sell user data or build the kind of targeting/tracking systems used by Facebook and Google. Our goal is to build rich new experiences and tools on top of email that empower developers and end-users.

Privacy and security are obviously hugely important to us, and we know that it's our job to earn your trust every day. It's one of the reasons we've open sourced nearly all of our codebase. We make money to continue developing this product.

Does that make sense? Happy to dive in more if you'd like, or you can ping me directly: mg@nylas.com

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