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It looks like they are purposefully ceding the small-fry market to Modulus[1] and maybe even Digital Ocean[2]. Part of what you're buying here is access to the Meteor team and best practices at scale. From what I've heard that's something it's harder to get from Modulus.

[1] - https://modulus.io/

[2] - https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-depl...

edit: spelling

That's a great point I didn't think of. If so, it seems a little odd -- I would assume, as someone who's toyed with Meteor but not dived in (in part, waiting to see it mature and what hosting with the canonical experts costs), that they'd realize they can capture some of the bottom end just fine. I'm surely not the only developer who falls into that category/potential market.

With the mention of Individual plans coming soon, I'm sure they are after that, too. I think it's more that they didn't make the offering clear, nor make it more obvious that these plans aren't the full shebang.

Yep, this should be the top comment. The disappointment others have voiced about a lack of indie price tiers is understandable, but it all makes sense if you look at this as preemptively attacking the top end of the market. It's an ambitious play - if they fail to attract enough big clients they're going to have to go down-market into something more crowded, but if they succeed, they have the opportunity to create a powerful feedback loop between Meteor's profile and Galaxy's success.

if you're going to mention these, you should also mention scalingo. For setting up Meteor, they're my go to, because oplog tailing is set up by default.

Agreed. Just FYI, you probably mean "ceding the small-fry market" (i.e. concede).

Derp...I do. Typing to fast. Thanks.

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