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What about the aspects of Gmail that less obviously map onto things a client should do?

Can it use Gmail's classification of e-mails as "important", "not important", "updates", or "promotional"?

I don't think GMail exposes the "primary/social/forums/promotional" classification (which they call categories). However, there's a workaround: in the GMail web interface, type "category:promotions" (for example) in the top search bar, and an option will appear to create a filter that automatically applies a label to all emails matching this condition. (in this case we can make a "promotions" label.)

Then your label will appear in your desktop client. Kind of a hack but I did this for thunderbird and it works.

As for making a plugin that handles this automatically - I'm not sure it's even possible, but I'd love to be proven wrong!

On second thought, the initial setup doesn't really need a plugin so much as the way categories are displayed. Especially cool would be to have them as tabs like in the web interface: once you get used to them, you find them sorely missing in desktop clients. I always find it weird to have my personal, social, and "promotions" emails brutally mixed together.

Yep, the interface can show Gmail's "important" tags. They're the yellow chevrons here: https://nylas.com/n1/images/2-1-initial-gmail-base.png

Unfortunately Gmail doesn't expose updates/forms/promotional via IMAP, so we can't show those. But they probably wouldn't be that hard to add in a plugin... ;)


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