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I don't want to have to keep my computer on and connected to the internet 24/7 for something my mail client does anyway. I don't see why someone would architect a mail client like this.

I can't see why you would need to run your computer all the time. Why do you think this is necessary? You just turn on your computer and the sync service restarts where it left off. Just like Thunderbird, or any other MUA.

But I can see plenty of reasons the design was chosen. If you are bringing in lots of mail accounts, having it running as a daemon isn't necessarily a bad way to go. A sync program doesn't need to be associated with a tty, is better off run in the background in its own process, is arguably more extensible in design terms, doesn't necessarily take up any more memory than a regular executable, allows for multiple UIs (e.g. terminal program, Gtk+ GUI, WxWindows GUI), seperates processing from the UI, lots and lots of reasons.

Maybe the developers can step in here with a response?

You can make a UI to turn off the service or use the command prompt, if that's the concern.

If you can give me a valid technical reason running the sync part of the program as a daemon is bad, I'm definitely all ears though.

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