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Honestly, the main reason is that I previously worked at Dropbox and knew we could reliably throw ~petabytes at MySQL. Or at the very least, when we started scaling I could call my friends from Dropbox and Facebook to help out. :)

Most of our complexity is in the sync later, so we spend more time tuning our Python sync server. For example, we wrote a custom statistical profiler: https://nylas.com/blog/performance

How hard would it be to create a backend for PostgreSQL?

I'm currently in doubt to move to either Mailpile or your platform on my personal server. However, PostgreSQL would be a big plus for your platform, since I don't have any experience with MySQL in recent years, and I rather do not run it on my VPS just for mail.

We saw some folks start working on PostgreSQL support here: https://github.com/nylas/sync-engine/pull/132

It's not something we're likely to support officially in the near future since we don't run PostgreSQL and don't have the ability to test it well with production loads, but it'd be neat to see a working community fork.

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