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> If you are not familiar with these ideas, we suggest you go to this Machine Learning course and complete sections II, III, IV (up to Logistic Regression) first.

What is the link to that course?

The group is held by Prof. Ng which has a ML course on coursera https://www.coursera.org/learn/machine-learning - lecture notes of the in class course are here http://cs229.stanford.edu/materials.html (but without the lecture it may be.. without the lecture:))

Ng is one of those great profs that combine the rare gifts of being able to teach as well as be a leader in the field at the same time. I've had profs that are far less accomplished and far more arrogant. There's probably a correlation between those features, now that I think about it.

Definitely worth it. I had to drop out around week 5 due to a lack of time, but just started a new job that'll take me back to 40-hour weeks (down from 80-100), so I'll give it another shot next time they run the course.

The latest session started today, from 5 Oct to 27 Dec.

That is normal class, not online if I'm correct.

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