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BuildZoom (YC W13 - www.buildzoom.com) is hiring!

Our goal is to take the risk and complexity out of construction and remodeling by providing homeowners with all the information they need to make great decisions. To get there, we put the product first and are passionate about building something people love and want to use.

Headquartered in a beautiful office in downtown San Francisco, our diverse company includes an economist who lectures at Berkeley, a licensed general contractor, game designer turned marketer and a team of talented engineers.


Lead UI / UX Designer - Full Time - Competitive salary / equity https://jobs.lever.co/buildzoom/8b561633-f3a8-4be4-b1d0-93e3...


Front-end Engineer - Full Time - Competitive salary / equity https://jobs.lever.co/buildzoom/a74639cc-839e-4f4e-8437-5828...


Data Engineer #1 - Full Time - Competitive salary / equity https://jobs.lever.co/buildzoom/6dae6e13-45a2-4eab-bb8f-f5f4...


Full-stack Rails Engineer - Full Time - Competitive salary / equity https://jobs.lever.co/buildzoom/de320f7b-65b9-492a-b1fe-bb51...


See all open positions at BuildZoom: https://jobs.lever.co/buildzoom

Email artem@buildzoom.com to chat about the roles.

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