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Vantage Point Analytics | Austin, TX | Front-End, Back-End, and Mobile software engineers | ONSITE

About Us

We're building tools that will revolutionize supply chain analytics, specifically around fraud and counterfeit prevention. We've built an MVP, raised money, developed partnerships, have decades of industry experience, and are intent on hiring 8 engineers over the next year to be our #2+ engineers.

About You

We're currently looking for the experienced software engineers who are ready and able to make crucial technology decisions, hire and mentor junior engineers, provide leadership in their domain, and write damned good code in between.

• Front-End engineer We're looking for someone with an expert grasp of at least one of React/Angular/Ember/Backbone and who's ready and willing to learn another (ie not overly opinionated).

• Back-End engineer Our current back-end is written in Java. We're looking for teammates with demonstrable skills in at least one OO language. Bonus points for experience with: Dropwizard, Spark, Spring Boot, Scala, or Kotlin.

• Mobile engineers We need both IOS and Android developers, bonus points for both or enterprise experience.

Reach Out

Please reach out with any questions you may have about the company or positions: hunter.sherman@vantagepointanalytics.com

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