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http://InterviewKickstart.com | Sunnyvale, CA | Onsite | Evenings/Weekends | 4-10 hrs a week

Interview Kickstart is my passion-business that focuses on preparing software engineers for technical interviews at top-tier companies.

We've been around for a year+, with several awesome success stories. We are profitable and grew 4x in our first year by revenue.

We are currently looking for instructors with the following qualifications:

1. CE/CS degree

2. Currently working at a top-tier company, or have worked in the past. All our teachers come from companies like Google, Box, LinkedIn, Microsoft etc. Interviewing experience at these companies is a huge plus.

3. Love of teaching. That skill to make difficult topics easy to understand.

4. Believe that many engineers are good at their work, but only bad at interviewing. Look forward to the mission of making those candidates better at interviewing, such that they can land into their dream companies.

5. We'll seed you with the curriculum for the topic you want to teach (Recursion? Linked Lists? System Design? etc). You're free to refine it your way.

6. You'll need to do mock interviews as part of the gig. That gives you much-needed feedback on how to improve your teaching.

7. Time commitment is anywhere from 4 to 10 hours a week. Evenings/weekends. We're relatively flexible.

8. Location is onsite in Sunnyvale, CA.

9. We pay $100/hr. For people driving from SF, we'll even pay $100 more for commute.

Please email a link to your LinkedIn profile (no need for a resume) and a quick note about your interest to soham@interviewkickstart.com!

This got two down-votes. I wonder why. Downvoters care to explain?

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