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Load Impact - http://loadimpact.com - Stockholm, Sweden - ONSITE - Multiple developer positions

We build and run the world's most popular SaaS tool for web load testing (over one million executed load tests), and are looking for great developers to work in Stockholm. We need frontend (Ember.js) and backend (Python) developers to join a small but fast growing team developing the next-generation performance testing tools.

We take pride in being great at low-level networking stuff, at the same time as we try to put a lot of effort into UX and design when we build things (most people who are good at networking suck when it comes to building usable products, in our humble opinion!). Things our dev team uses include: Python, Django, Ember, Many AWS services, Fabric, Docker, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, Git & Github, C, Saltstack, Trello, CircleCI, Hipchat

If you're already in Stockholm and thinks this sounds interesting, or you'd like to find out what the city is like, why not check us out at https://loadimpact.com/careers ?

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