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Kodable - http://www.kodable.com - Sunnyvale, CA | ONSITE

Kodable is a programming curriculum for elementary schools. Already used by 1 in every 7 elementary schools in the US, we give teachers the ability to help their kids learn to code without any prior knowledge. Kids go from learning how to think like a programmer to being able to pick up an actual language by the time they hit middle school. Kodable is designed to encourage everyone to learn programming. Over 50% of Kodable users are girls, and it has been used in over 130 countries.

Role 1: CTO - https://angel.co/kodable/jobs/86699-chief-technical-officer

Role 2: Fullstack Engineer - https://angel.co/kodable/jobs/86700-full-stack-engineer

Role 3: Senior Game Developer - https://angel.co/kodable/jobs/86701-senior-game-developer

Alternately you can email jobs@kodable.com.

Keywords: Ruby, Java, AngularJS, PostgreSQL, LibGDX

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