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inContact (http://www.incontact.com) | Columbus, OH | Full Time | OnSite | Interns | Software Engineers

We're looking for developers with experience in Web/Front End, Back End/Services or both. C# experience preferred and/or experience with another statically, strongly typed language. Multiple positions are open on our careers page.

Tech stack: C#/.net/MVC, C++, SQL Server 2008-2014, Server 2008/2012, TFS, RabbitMQ

== Benefits ==

- Casual work environment (jeans, tshirts, shorts, etc)

- Flexible work hours + work/life balance

- Choice of a new high end laptop/desktop + multiple monitors

- Resharper License (I personally can't live without it)

- Full MSDN Access (Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise included)

- Work remotely when needed and during bad weather

- 2.5 weeks vacation to start

- Stock discounts, health/dental insurance, 401k, etc

Feel free to email if you have questions.


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