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SinTrafico - Full Time | ONSITE - Mexico City, Mexico- Software Developer (mostly Python)

We have been building a wide array of analytics applications for logistics, market research, transportation and insurance industry. As part of the engineering team you will be working on different projects from the ground up, so I can assure you it won't be boring, also you should be comfortable doing minor devops, QA and pre-sales tasks.

What we are looking for?: (^ desired)

- Python

- Framework knowledge (Django or/and Flask)^

- Front and Back end experience.

- JS, HTML/CSS, SQL(PostgreSQL)^ , no-SQL(MongoDB)^

- Version control workflow (git)^ .

- We have both Jr and Sr positions open, don't hesitate to reach us!!.

About us:

- We are a well funded company and just raised a new round.

- Our offices are located at Polanco (currently deliberating to moving to Condesa)

- Cash Positive.


- Unlimited vacations.

- Choose your own setup.

- Flexible hours.

- Large equity ownership.

- Informal environment.

If you're interested send me your info at paco@sintrafico.com (CTO - cofounder)

Nice to see a Mexico City based company on HN. Are you looking for Frontend Developers by any chance?

Yeah, on a whim I did ctrl+f "Mex" and saw that there actually was a company in Mexico! If I were still living there, I would have enjoyed working in Condesa.

Well the position is Full-Stack, so if you don't mind do a few backend stuff you should be ok.

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