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Trustfuel | Atlanta, GA | Full-time, ONSITE

Software Engineer

Funded company owned by engineers looking for a software engineer to join the team. We discover a business's happiest customers and turn them into brand advocates to help that business find new, like-minded customers.

If you've ever learned about a product from a friend or colleague on social media or have ever checked reviews on Amazon before buying, then you've experienced the new way that we all buy products and services. But companies are not prepared to cater to this change in buyer behavior. We fix that.

Today, we're a Rails app with an embedded JavaScript component. Tomorrow, we're moving into intelligent email delivery, API connectors, and predictive analytics –– all of which pose the opportunity to try, fail, learn, adjust and progress forward with new technologies and disciplines. Our office is in the Atlanta Tech Village, which is chock full of people just like us who love to take risks everyday and feel inspired when we wake up.

Apply here, and we'll meet downstairs at the Octane coffee shop or chat further over a beer: https://trustfuel.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk0htf9


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