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I find it interesting that MS would use following URLs even though it was a test update https://hckSLpGtvi.PguhWDz.fuVOl.gov https://jNt.JFnFA.Jigf.xnzMQAFnZ.edu

Both are well-known TLDs that can't be acquired without verification by the US government. Presumably the assumption is that these URLs can be guaranteed to never exist.

Then they should be using example.com (or .org, .net , .edu), which are actually reserved by the standard and guaranteed to never exist.

EDIT: Or, perhaps even better, the .invalid TLD which is also guaranteed to never exist.

Wow, MS didn't follow an established standard ... /s.

You don't need verification by the government to get a .EDU domain. You just need accredition by an agency that is recognized by the USG.

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