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> Don't come to HN if you're expecting everything to be in layman's terms

That's not nice. Please don't do that.

I doubt that dpark is "expecting everything to be in layman's terms", but even if dpark were, many HN users would be happy to explain. And that's the kind of site we want.

Then why describe being pedantic (extremely specific) as being "obtuse" (annoyingly insensitive)?

Because the specificity here is inaccurate and misleading. I've left plenty of comments about what's wrong with the term "base52-encoded random numbers" here and so have a number of other commenters. I didn't ask for anyone to use lay terminology, but it's reasonable to ask for clear and correct terminology.

One of the frustrating things about reading academic papers is that many authors insist on using less common and less clear phrasing when there are much simpler ways of saying the same things. It makes for unpleasant, heavy reading and it makes the author sound pompous.

"Obtuse" also means dumb, and is often used to mean "difficult to understand". "Abstruse" might have been a better choice of word.

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