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Google modifies First Click Free policy from 5 to 3 Articles per day (googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com)
34 points by cdubzzz on Sept 29, 2015 | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

In their Questions and Answers section, they forgot "WTF is First Click Free?!"

I realize that I can Google for it, but they still should include a synopsis in the post itself.

For the lazy:

"It is possible to limit the number of free articles that a Google News reader can access via First Click Free. A user coming from the domain [.google.] must be able to see a minimum of 3 articles per day."


First click implies one... not 3 or 5... why not make it zero and be done with it?

"First three" is not a contradiction.

there should be a "S" at the end of click then.... "First clicks" ...

And what about incognito-mode ? Does that by-pass the 3-free limit, or does Google ignore incognito-mode to make the click determination?

Google does not make the click determination.

Google determines whether or not the determination is First Click Free-compliant, no?

So they could make incognito-mode-based bypasses required … or forbidden …

The linked article clearly says they don't decide how to count. Maybe they get involved if there's "cheating" but there's no rule that you can get more than three clicks by typing xyzzy.

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