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Back in 1980 K&R didn't really work well for me beyond the most basic things, the Lions' Commentary on UNIX 6th Edition, with Source Code did the trick, and it will teach you some basic operating system and UNIX things that are still quite useful. A classic, it's a copy of V6 UNIX with (the first really widely distributed one) including a few device drivers with lots of excellent commentary. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lions%27_Commentary_on_UNIX_6th... for online copies.

The best reference manual is C: A Reference Manual by Harbison and Steele, http://www.amazon.com/Reference-Manual-Samuel-P-Harbison/dp/...

If you like Guy Steele style language reference manuals (e.g. Scheme, Common Lisp, Java) you'll like this; they wrote it for the CMU compiler spinoff Tartan Labs so there would be a rigorous reference.

Bluesmoon's suggested books are also excellent.

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