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Algorithms in the Real World: Host Matching (anishathalye.com)
31 points by anishathalye on Sept 25, 2015 | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments


I wish there were a collection of such things, where data-structures and algorithms are used in real life (or even at places where it's not visible in everyday life, like inside the Operating Systems).

At http://interviewkickstart.com, we love these little nuggets. They make interview coaching fun and very real.

Yeah, one of my friends was talking about that too. It would be really cool to have an "Algorithms in the Real World" series.

At school, people sometimes complain about the seemingly esoteric stuff we learn in algorithms classes, and it would be great for people to see real-life examples where algorithms knowledge is necessary.

Kind of like this but with real world case studies: https://github.com/tayllan/awesome-algorithms

Wrong solution to the problem. Matches can be unsatisfying for both parties. "Why do I have to be with this guy". It is much more efficient to let the students browse profiles and choose themselves. They will feel empowered

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