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get some standing lunch "dates" with friends. Helps to get you out of the house and keep up relationships. If you're single and not that social by nature its easy to get into hermit mode.

If you are social, prepare for dining out budget to increase. I found when I did it by the time I was closing down the laptop more often than not I was ready to get out of the house and have dinner out with wife. It added up doing that 3-4 weeknights.

Core hours are everyones friends. Have at least a handful of hours that overlap with everyone on your team.

Some people like the set boundaries, I actually found I liked the opposite. Granted I didn't have a kid yet, but I like always working and always not working. Long lunch or afternoon movie was fine, I'd be working late that night. Visit family/friends for a few days no problem I have internet. I enjoyed the flow and flux of it, and I did good work and great life during it. But know yourself.

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