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Let's not forget that your team needs to manage itself differently for the remote worker to be a success. Here's stuff that we (Sauce Labs Mobile Team) have found to work:

- Slack everything all the time even if you are in the same room. If you're not using Slack get on it; it's by far the best tool for remotes. If you have a discussion in person, copy the conclusions to the channel.

- Use video hangouts for meetings whenever possible.

- During such meetings, everyone must be "equal" in how they are present. Our solution is to have everyone log into the meeting at their own desk. (Audio and video will be delayed by a second, so you all need headphones for this to work.) So everyone appears as a talking head, equally taking turns. Another solution might be to do videoconferencing in a meeting room with a very large screen, so all the remote workers appear to be as present as people in the room.

- Make sure that team members socialize with the remote worker. We have semi-randomly-assigned sessions we call "coffee" where you both get a beverage and just hang out for an hour on a video chat. I know it sounds silly but it has a HUGE benefit.

A coffee session is a great idea. Thanks!

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