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I am manager to a coworker who is remote. It's been said in this thread a few times but I would re-iterate:

- Have a routine, this way your manager doesn't have to guess when you're around. I know not to ping him before 9am, unless it's an emergency.

- If something comes up or your day is going to be different, it's fine -- just communicate it.

- Over-communicate. Share ideas, questions, comment on things, participate in the teams chat channel.

- Feel free to suggest voice chat for tough problems. Usually find quickly chatting about it that way leads to a more refined solution in due time.

If you wind up voice chatting about it, stick it in your text chat with a full summary. You can't CTRL-F a conversation. One of the keys to success as a remote worker is being able to figure out as much as possible w/out requiring other people to respond, because undoubtedly they will not when you really need them. The best way to do that is knowing where to search for the information.

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