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I worked remotely for 3 years, and found it way more productive and efficient for my overall work and family life than being onsite. A few thoughts:

- setup a productive working space and use it most of the time. This means a quiet, distraction free zone, with a very good chair/desk. If you're going to spend long hours at the keyboard don't let it take a toll on your body. If your company won't pay for an ergonomic setup (can cost a couple grand), consider making the investment for yourself. Consider a desk that can be easily raised to a standing desk. Long hours sitting in the same position can be killer.

- find out what the typical working hours are for the colleagues you'll be collaborating with the most and try to maximize your overlap with them. If you're in very different time zones, consider working some odd hours to get more overlap.

- be wary of being "out of sight, out of mind". There may be a danger that others in your organization don't fully appreciate your contributions, simply because they don't see you around everyday. Those you work with directly should have a good appreciation of your value, but consider taking some additional steps to raise your profile: a) volunteer for or request higher-profile tasks that get more visibility outside your immediate group. b) if possible make trips to be onsite, even if there isn't too much of a need for face-to-face collaboration.

Hopefully since you're not the only remote person that means there will be more of an acceptance and culture that is supportive of remote colleagues.

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