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Two major things that help:

1. Keep a routine (wake up on time, shower, eat breakfast, dress in work clothes, start on time, eat lunch, finish on time)

2. Communicate well with your manager and peers

I agree with everything on your list except "dress in work clothes". I actually did that for the first few weeks, but eventually it became lounge pants, and in the summer it became boxer shorts (t-shirt optional). It was nice at the beginning to remind me I was still expected to get work done, but honestly one of the biggest perks of working from home for me was not having to dress up. My office had been five minutes from home, my boss didn't check in on me ever, I was home for lunch every day and home on time every night. The big perk was working in my underwear.

Although the big downside to that is, it takes a lot of willpower to leave the house during the day because I have to get dressed to go out and get the mail.

I can attest to the "dress in work clothes" part helping with the routine. You don't have to be in a suit and tie, but putting on a polo shirt does help with deliniating work time and personal time

Also, going for a walk during breaks is great, because you're probably going to be getting less exercise otherwise.

My personal rule is waist-up, wear something you'd generally be OK with wearing in public. Other than that, all bets are off (unless you have a standing desk).

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