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Cram to pass the test, then be okay with forgetting most of it.

1.) Is this something you really want to get deep into your long-term memory? Are you ever going to use this later? Special-purpose mathematical languages are not my wheelhouse, but is Maple something that is widely used, compared to, say R or MatLab or Python, or Mathematica?

2.) In any real situation, you will have the ability to lookup the details on any function or language feature in your browser or on your phone in seconds. If you have decent tooling, function signatures, parameter documentation, etc, should come up automatically in your editor. Memorizing this kind of minutia is not the best use of your time and abilities. Learn enough to know what is there, so you know what you have to search for when you need those details.

I started to answer this as a language syntax question, but it really seems like a big API problem. And yeah, just cram them and learn the signatures well. I'd just read a lot of library code and follow along in some hello-world scale examples.

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