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Visualization of #code2009 by programming language (ioncannon.net)
16 points by r11t 2759 days ago | hide | past | web | 5 comments | favorite

#code2009 is an interesting Twitter hashtag that I discovered in my Twitter stream this afternoon. It was originally started by @deadprogram

@deadprogram : "Everyone tweet what languages you programmed in over the last year using the #code2009 hashtag. Please RT, and also do it!" (http://twitter.com/deadprogram/status/7202223766)

The visualization link above is via @casron

@casron : "For anyone who wants to see where the different languages stack up http://bit.ly/8lBhmG #code2009" (http://twitter.com/casron/status/7211188519)

Can I make a request to see these as a bar graph? It's a bit hard to compare the size of some of the slices visually.

This is going to be very skewed, as only the people using twitter can vote.

I didn't see any claims of accuracy. It looks like a fun thing to see what people who happen to have tweeted are working with, nothing more.


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