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This person is not talking about people with serious ambitions; he's referring to the would-be near-idle or idle rich. Many of us would do a great many things:

- become VCs/angels

- build bigger, self-funded businesses

- donate big money to charities, or start our own

- do direct giving to those need (my preference to charity)

- donate to institutions doing basic science, medical research, life extension, youth preservation research

- pay to attend a prestigious university beyond our financial means and time budget

- spend more time producing free software, music, art

- go work somewhere just to work on interesting things / fun without fear of making the best choice earnings or reputation-wise, or just beyond one's current abilities due to lack of the proper background. Example: someone is very interested in working on robotics. They work "survival tech" jobs that they can't just quit to magically attend the MIT robotics program, which would lead to to work in the field. Their potential is wasted at present; if they had the money, they could contribute a whole lot more.

Some of us would make fantastic millionaires.


It's not about having enough money to do 'nothing' (although hey, if that's what you want).

It's about having enough money to have FREEDOM OF CHOICE.

To do whatever you choose, when you choose to (within legal/ethical reason, unless you're really wealthy).

I also find it interesting that so many people know what would make me happy - if you're that sure, give me the money (1 million would do, but I'd accept more) and I promise I'll give it back in 6 months if I'm no happier then than I am now.

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