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Lisp implementation in sed (github.com/shinh)
62 points by eatonphil on Sept 15, 2015 | hide | past | favorite | 15 comments

When the Lisp in Make post hit the front page of HN earlier today, I was astonished. This has topped that experience of WTF/disbelief, which I thought previously impossible :D

Here's a Lisp-ish language implemented in Haskell's type system that I wrote a couple years ago. Computation is everywhere!


Both written by the same guy!

To quote that well known sage (Sinbad) ...

"Well ... Sounds like you need a woman!"

(kidding, of course :-D)

There's always this classic with the same sentiment: http://cryptnet.net/mirrors/texts/kissedagirl.html

I've always loved the license for awklisp – see the bottom half of the README:


I should look at making a Racket Language for a never going to happen but SED replacement. Limited to just data munging.

A place to start:

"AWK" in Racket.

Now that is awesome thank you! The more I have been looking into this the more I see how Racket could be the best tool for data munging.

Lisp in sed? There are two things wrong with that ;)

I am dreaming of a Lisp implemented in m4.

I am dreaming of a JavaScript implemented in sed, which itself implements Lisp.

What's the motivation? Just an academic exercise?

GNU sed only.

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