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Ask HN: Anyone in NYC area want to hack?
27 points by the_impossible on Sept 15, 2015 | hide | past | favorite | 21 comments
Hi there! I'm tired of being a cog in the machine. I'm going to attempt the impossible here on HN: find a co-founder.

If you are in the NYC area and aren't entirely repelled by the idea of starting a startup, are an exceptional programmer, and want to get together with other exceptional programmers and build stuff for fun to see what happens, read on.

It's not all about tech in a tech company of course. People, sales, and determination matter. One key seems to be working well together as a team, committed in a shared partnership. Another is trust between co-founders who will be practically be married to each other. And playfulness, and audacity to try crazy ideas out to see if they'd work, which is practically what hackers do anyway.

Don't like being told what to do? Here's a chance to start something your own and run the world by your rules.

Post here or shoot me an email. It'd be nice if you mentioned a hack you are playing with and other awesome stuff you've done.

Well, that's a clickbait title.

It should be "Seeking CoFounder in NYC".

Exactly. I thought someone wants to organize a Hackathon, or something.

There will be hacking. Hacking won't be the first thing that happens though. A problem with hackathons is you can't have them in someone's apartment.

Shouldn't you say something about who you are, a hack you're playing with, and some of the other awesome stuff you've done?

That would take all the "im" out of meeting the impossible, wouldn't it?

Assuming you are serious and not here to troll, I would suggest checking out Founder Dating (http://founderdating.com). I don't have any affiliations with the company though I am a member and it's a very active community and the website helps connect people together to build something together.


You're a Distributed Hash Table? :-)

Down To Hack, I'm assuming.

I've frequently been asked if I'm DTF by nearly-strangers on local chatrooms. :(

Who are you? What are your skills? What's the idea/s?

This may be the craziest idea that ever worked! In any event, shoot me an email. I am always open to help fellow entrepreneurs out in any way I can.

interesting project

Always up to meet interesting people. Drop me an email (in profile) and we'll get together.

Please excuse my bluntness, but who are you trying to troll?

a) You ask for somebody to marry you (your words) but don't tell anything about yourself.

b) You don't present a single hint of your ideas but ask what your potential significant other can offer (to stick to your metaphor).

c) Every "exceptional programmer" is good at analysis - my analysis of your post lead to a) and b).

Edit: By no means I want to deter you from pursuing your goal, I'm really just trying to give useful feedback wrt your post.

I appreciate the feedback. I'm not trying to troll.

I've been programming by the time I was 10, programmed a lot in C, and program a lot in Lisp. The two biggest skills I'm working on are writing and looking at a problem from the opposite angle.

A big problem I've seen in startups is people get out of sync with each other, often from the beginning. To some degree this problem is structural, leading to a communication breakdown. I suspect the bigger issue is someplace between trust and honesty. People tend to be afraid of confronting problems.

Ideas don't matter. Execution does. OP gave a taste of their opinions on execution. Seems sufficient to me.

Ideas do matter, there are a lot of useless ideas. Good ideas _alone_ don't matter if you can't execute.

Either way it's helpful to know what field OP wants to work in, especially when trying to find a cofounder.

Part of execution is being able to competently execute the process of having an idea.

It is just not the entirety of execution.

The idea is the start up. Part of being an ideas guy is finding a group of people to answer those kinds of questions.

Figure out how to make burritos and a proper salsa bar?

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