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ZBase | Berlin/Amsterdam | full time, freelance, remote

About us: We develop a database/analytics product. Company founded in 2015 by german serial entrepeneurs and ex-Google engineers. We have launched our product in spring and it is already used by some of germany's largest ecommerce sites.

What we are looking for:

A freelancer or a small development firm that can help us with either of these two topics:

  - Ongoing Feature Development in the existing C++ codebase.
    This includes stuff like maintaining and improving our SQL
    engine and mapreduce framework, bringing ML models to 
    production/serving and general backend/API development.

  - Somebody with a ML/Stats background that can help us to
    tune some regression models.
Company is registered in Berlin but we are looking for somebody who wants to work remotely.

If you are interested / would like to learn more please give us a quick ping/one-liner: paul (at) zbase.io

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