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This looks really nice and the CSS is actually pretty good!

Did you write the css by hand, or did you use a preprocessor? I downloaded the code and can only see the css files.

Also you should put this on Github so others can help out with it :)

Thank you, it was written with SASS, but we are still working at some pieces that will let the user customize the dashboard, so we will release the SASS soon.

Have you considered playing with 4.0 alpha - hate for you to have to completley rebuild it if it is an active project in a few months when 4.0 of Bootstrap goes live.

We didn't play with 4.0 alpha yet, we wait for the official release so we will not work twice to offer support for BS4. There will be 100% a BS4 version on all our items.

> CSS is actually pretty good

Not saying it isn't but how do you measure this?

He said "the CSS is actually pretty good" referencing the dashboard as having been well made within the confines of the CSS language. He never said CSS itself was good ;)

Yes, that's what I'm asking about. How do you tell if a site's CSS is good or not? Looked like any other CSS to me but obviously it's not since it was commented on specifically.

Properly organized, well commented and indented?

Thanks. Do you have any good resources on how to organize your CSS?

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