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Show HN: Light Bootstrap Dashboard (creative-tim.com)
170 points by axelut on Sept 8, 2015 | hide | past | favorite | 42 comments

If you have any feedback, ideas or suggestions please write them here, so we will implement them in future updates.

Looks great! I've noticed one thing that bugs me immediatly, though: The animations of the navbar dropdowns are way to bouncy / slow.

Since dashboards are work and productivity oriented, I personally prefer as little animation as possible, since they (in this case unnecessarily) delay the time to navigate the menu.

Nothing against animations in general. They are nice to hide or ease loading times, etc.

Thats funny, I totally agree with your sentiment about frilly animations -- but for some reason the bouncing nav bar dropdown made me happy in this situation.

This looks really nice and the CSS is actually pretty good!

Did you write the css by hand, or did you use a preprocessor? I downloaded the code and can only see the css files.

Also you should put this on Github so others can help out with it :)

Thank you, it was written with SASS, but we are still working at some pieces that will let the user customize the dashboard, so we will release the SASS soon.

Have you considered playing with 4.0 alpha - hate for you to have to completley rebuild it if it is an active project in a few months when 4.0 of Bootstrap goes live.

We didn't play with 4.0 alpha yet, we wait for the official release so we will not work twice to offer support for BS4. There will be 100% a BS4 version on all our items.

> CSS is actually pretty good

Not saying it isn't but how do you measure this?

He said "the CSS is actually pretty good" referencing the dashboard as having been well made within the confines of the CSS language. He never said CSS itself was good ;)

Yes, that's what I'm asking about. How do you tell if a site's CSS is good or not? Looked like any other CSS to me but obviously it's not since it was commented on specifically.

Properly organized, well commented and indented?

Thanks. Do you have any good resources on how to organize your CSS?

Very nice! I'd love to see this go in the direction of TODO app, where you have implementations of this design with various backends.

How much is the developer license? I couldn't find it on your website. Thanks!

Looks great by the way!

This is a freebie, so you can use it for your personal projects or for clients projects for free, without paying for a license, it comes with Personal and Developer license by default.

There will be also a PRO version which will be more complex with more customizations options and the final user will have to pay something to get it.

Looks great!

Is this theme free for commercial use?

This is a freebie, so you can use it for your personal projects or for clients projects for free, without paying for a license, it comes with Personal and Developer license by default. But you cannot use it for a SaaS application where the final user has to pay to use it.

There will be also a PRO version which will be more complex with more customizations options and you will be able to use it in SaaS too.

You should add this to GitHub and open source it so others can help contribute and build this out for you! :D

None the less, awesome work! Really beautiful dashboard.

That makes sense, we will add it also on github.

It already looks fantastic. I'd version the releases so that people can pick any they want. I'll probably almost always stick to this one because you made it very simple yet feature rich.

I'm no UI expert, but the colors seem too bright for a dashboard, which usually people stare at for a good amount of time

Very good point, we will think about it, there will be also an option to reduce the brightness of the colors.

This is a great dashboard tool. Thanks for making it. I think I may use it in the future.

Since you asked for ideas... I have one. It would be great if there was section that allowed the user to customize their dashboard view with a drag and drop page editor. Maybe they could select a template for the layout of the widgets on their homepage. Then they could move around the widgets to different sections in the template. They could drag other ones on to the template if they wanted a different report to show on their dashboard. Kinda like what the wordpress page builder does. http://antonibotev.com/themes/roki/wp-content/uploads/2013/0...

That sounds good, we will test the HTML5 Drag & Drop feature to see how far we can go with it.

After so many requests we created the Github repo is here: https://github.com/timcreative/light-bootstrap-dashboard

We are still working on the SASS version to be in stable mode and push it.

Looks very nice. I'd shrink the left-right margins and padding on mobile, though. About 25% of horizontal real estate is lost, which could be used for more detail in the content.

Good point! We will shrink them

Awesome work, but what about a source repository?

I didn't look at the code yet but the demo look great.

It would be really cool if there could be some sort of integration with a drageable widgets lib, a la http://gridster.net/.

Wow! That is cool, it will definitely be a feature, we saw that there were many requests for this kind of drag & drop items.

Nicely done! Looking forward to checking it out on github :)

Awesome stuff!

Here's a pet peeve of mine though: why isn't the entire surface area of the tasks clickable? I'm horrible at precisely targeting checkboxes.

Yes, I agree. When you click the text next to the checkbox, the checkbox should toggle.

This looks really nice! I've been looking for an easily implemented Bootstrap-based dashboard for my small business. This is terrific!

I'll second the Github comment - I've got a couple of ideas for tweaks, etc I'd like to suggest.

Curious of your ideas, the github is here: https://github.com/timcreative/light-bootstrap-dashboard :-)

Looking really good, and I was just looking for something like this. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you!

Looks great, nice job!


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