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Hit the gym.

It does not matter how you look, or how much hair you have left on your head when it is attached to a well built body.

And know what the funny thing is. We all look same on the inside. I am pretty sure your skeleton and the skeleton of Brad Pitt looks the same (Save for a difference in height). What you have on the outside, can be changed. Muscle can be built and fat can be lost. The only think that matters is, "How bad you want it?" (Also how many depressed body builders have you seen?)

So go on hit the gym (A good one with a good trainer, I guess you can easily afford that). Turn your desperation into muscle (But don't overdo and don't skip leg workouts).

And, this is very important, do not expect shit to change overnight. Actually don't expect anything. Just hit the gym and work your ass out. Never stop and ask yourselves. "What is the point anyway?". After an initial spurt of growth, your progress will probably hit a plateau. But just keep at it, even after you stop growing.

You can also join some dance classes, or martial arts classes. Force yourself to get out more often and meet more people.

And eventually you will start to see things differently. Good luck.

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