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mocp. It replaced iTunes for me (although I've long since switched to Linux).

Wait can you get this for Mac? I couldn't find it.

Edit: Apparently it's on homebrew but as "moc" (I was searching for "mocp" before).

I wish I could do that, but having an iPod forces me to run a windows virtual machine just for iTunes.

I used to sync my iPod with foobar2000 on Win7 to avoid having to deal with iTunes - I'm sure there are a few other Linuxy options to explore too. Vive la résistance :)

cmus in a similar vein, although annoyingly the Debian packaged version segfaults for me in some edge cases (adding large libraries, adding m4a files).

I've experienced the same thing with ncmpcpp, it can be a bit annoying.

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