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Startup claiming “The long-awaited industrialisation of software begins” (codevalley.com)
3 points by bwp on Sept 3, 2015 | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment

Having skimmed the 'whitepaper', explain to me how software components can be both context dependent and in any way reusable at the same time. ;)

This is in the category of something I'll believe when I see it. In the meantime they might want to make their landing page work without having to enable JS.

EDIT (Thu Sep 3 00:30:36 PDT 2015): Actually on further thought (and reading), the whitepaper reads something like what I'd imagine somebody trying to troll the software industry would write.

Its core thesis is that the protection of intellectual property is what is necessary to have an industrialization of software. Nowhere is Open Source Software or the potential problems with having the entire build process created by a large distributed network brought up. There is no discussion of the potential security vulnerabilites that might arise, and without source access the impossibility of ever finding who introduced them. Also not brought up is reproducibility and support, if every change requires the entire network to be engaged again it is untenable as the networks composition of vendors will change over time.

Moreover the posturing about software joining the 'ranks of other legitimate engineering disciplines' makes this more in line with what one would read from the sort of personality that would accuse software shops of negligence for not using formal verification on the entire delivered program. If they have given these sorts of issues any thought I did not see that thought reflected in the paper.

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