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Trustfuel (trustfuel.com) | Sales Development Rep | Atlanta | Onsite | Full Time | US Citizen

Link: https://trustfuel.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk0hdi1

Trustfuel is looking for our first outbound sales development rep to trail blaze a path to defining and leading a brand new industry.

What we do at Trustfuel We're transforming the sales and marketing process followed by millions of businesses around the world. What's wrong with the current one, you say? It ignores the active impact that your customers and your competitor's customers have on your marketing messaging and ability to sell.

Trustfuel inroduces the voice of your happiest customers into every phase of the sales and marketing lifecycle in order to build trust with buyers. It's social proof. And every one of us looks for it before we buy products and services. Until technology instantly connected us all, nothing was forcing businesses to cater to this critical aspect of our buying behavior. But the businesses who introduce customer advocacy into their process will outperform their nearest competitors 2X.

Join us and help us show the enterprises of the world what they're missing.

Link: https://trustfuel.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk0hdi1

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