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Instincts are useful tools for making fast decisions, but in my view we should see them as nothing more than tools. As self-aware beings I see no harm in deciding for ourselves when to follow our instincts and when to override them.

I agree! But the first step in a good decision is a clear understanding of the situation, and it is a barrier to understanding to just blanket-decide that procrastination is completely bad without even considering otherwise.

So... what's the alternative? Depression is another common behavior pattern/mode that "must have evolved for a reason". And sure, there might be a benefit to depression that is yet unnoticed. But since based on the current information it's so bad, treating it anyway makes sense. It's pretty implausible to somehow verify there are no benefits from procrastination, and it clearly causes problems for people (from their own and other's perspectives). That seems like something to attempt to solve. It's not like every single mental/biological feature must be beneficial somehow, that's not actually how evolution works. It might be, we can't "prove" otherwise, but we kind of have to work with what we have until there's a complete map of human neural structures or something.

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