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Toronto, Canada | Full Time | ONSITE or REMOTE or RELOCATION/VISA | C/C++/Python and Web developers

Sangoma Technologies is a telecommunications company well known in the OSS telephony community (Asterisk/FreeSWITCH/FreePBX/Elastix etc) and contribute frequently to several of those projects.

We're looking for:

1. Full stack web developers (PHP and/or Python, Javascript) to build REST APIs for hosted telephony applications, appliance auto-provisioning, realtime statistics dashboards and monitoring for highly loaded telecom systems etc.

2. Core developers (C/C++/Python) to extend our protocol stacks, write telecom applications, extend and improve OSS projects such as Asterisk/FreeSWITCH, etc.

3. Lab automation developers (Python) to extend our infrastructure and automation testing frameworks.

All positions require strong Linux knowledge and great communication skills.

Experience with telephony, audio/video is not required but an asset.

It does not matter where you live (even disparate time zones can work). If you want to come to Canada, even better, we can help with the immigration paper work.

I am interested too ! (my email is in my profile)

PS: You may need to ask your web dev to make a quick update on your website because your career page is broken now. :/ (http://www.sangoma.com/company/careers/)

Thank you for the heads up, we're looking into it.

See my other response to how to reach me in the meantime (other ppl did exactly that, google me). I thought my email would be available on my profile, but it isn't. I can't see your email in your profile either.

How to apply? email-id or link ?

Please google 'Moises Silva' and 'Sangoma' and you should be able to find my contact info. I thought HN would provide my email on my profile, but seems like it isn't there.

You can write it in `about` field.

thanks, just did that

Btw, is part-time/contract possible for Core/C++ dev position?

Not for a permanent position. We need contractors once in a while for projects. If you're interested send me your resume and I'll keep you in mind for such contracts or if the situation changes regarding permanent positions.

I am interested, please contact me at stomatrix at [google-email-service] dot com

I sent you an email


Very interested for this position. Please contact me prakashw at iCloud dot com

I am interested, is there a link to the job description somewhere?

It's a bit outdated but:


I am working on getting it updated, but that one above should give you a close-enough summary.

If after reading the job description you're interested reply to my LinkedIn request. Thanks.

I'm also very interested, my e-mail: barlikr@zoho.com

I sent you an email.

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