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I had an arduino board and the books "don't make me think" http://www.amazon.com/Think-Common-Sense-Approach-Usability/... and "programming clojure" http://pragprog.com/titles/shcloj/programming-clojure

Yup I got an arduino too. Absolutely GREAT fun.

So far the best project I want to aim for is a UAV (http://www.diydrones.com) - either that or as a controller unit for a coil gun.

Any other suggestions for us?? :D

I got an Arduino last year and just finished a medium scale project. I hooked it up to a http://hexbug.com for remote control over a network with XMPP. If you want to take a look all of the code is at http://github.com/bnmrrs/HexBugNc

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