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Mendix - https://www.mendix.com/ - Rotterdam/Amersfoort, The Netherlands - Full Time - ONSITE, INTERNS

Mendix allows large companies to build high quality, modern (12-factor) web applications better, faster and cheaper than traditional technologies. Mendix has an IDE for visual programming, an interpreter on top of the JVM, a rich JS client and a cloud offering where customers can run their apps. We are ambitious, fast-paced and stimulate personal development.

Over the last 4 years we received $50 million in funding and we have offices in Boston, London, Rotterdam and Amersfoort.

We have many open positions at our R&D department which has 50+ people at the moment. If you're very good we're always interested.

We have positions relating to: Java/Scala, C#, JavaScript/TypeScript, Cloud / AWS / Full-stack engineers, QA, Python, Nginx+Lua, RDMS experts, Product Managers


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