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MasteryConnect | Salt Lake City, UT | Full Time | ONSITE

We build web apps to help K-12 teachers track student understanding. We have big plans and we're looking for several more developers to help us achieve them. We have a few apps on different stacks, currently Ruby on Rails, Node.js, and Python. However, we don't consider ourselves language-specific and your main qualification will be passion and willingness to learn. We also hire from most anywhere on the junior to senior spectrum, and strive to provide a learning and mentoring environment for all devs.

Current tech openings:

- Software Developer

- DevOps Engineer

- QA Engineer

- Mobile QA Engineer

- UX Designer

- Product Manager

- ... and other non-tech openings as well, see link

Check out job listings and apply at: https://jobs.lever.co/masteryconnect?lever-via=xusgqmt8yp

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