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Azavea - Philadelphia, PA - Full Time On-site


Azavea uses geospatial data to build software for civic and social impact, and we are looking to grow our Geospatial Insights team that develops custom web and mobile software for public health, climate change, law enforcement, elections and civic applications as well as our HunchLab, open source DistrictBuilder and Cicero products.

We’re looking for a software engineer that is passionate about building applications that will have a positive impact – someone interested in public service, but not necessarily in working for a government or a non-profit organization. We are looking for someone who thrives on working in a variety of technology environments, and wants to build visually slick applications that have well-engineered architectures and provide a responsive user experience.

You should...

- Know how to build and support scalable web applications in Python/Django or another MVC framework (C#/.Net, Ruby/Rails, JS/AngularJS, Java/JVM/Spring, Scala/Play). We do a lot of work in Python/Django, Javascript, and Scala and dabble in others depending on client and project requirements.

- Demonstrate fluency in core web technologies (HTML/CSS/JS) and contemporary Javascript libraries like jQuery, React, or AngularJS.

- Express solid understanding of MVC architecture, RESTful design patterns, and the DRY principle. - Be comfortable managing VMs and working in a Linux environment.

- Be interested in working with a small, collaborative team on meaningful projects.

- Get excited about a diversity of both projects and technologies.

You can apply for this position as well as find out more details about the job and benefits at: http://grnh.se/c3o5uf

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