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Houston, TX | GoCo, Inc. | http://www.goco.io | Onsite

Software Developer - React.js, Ruby on Rails


GoCo is growing rapidly and looking for awesome developers to join our team. Our tech stack is React.js with ES6/ES7 in a Single Page App coupled with a Ruby on Rails REST API. We've got a talented team and a super fun tech startup culture.

About the company:

We are funded and managed by a group of serial tech founders with multiple startup successes. We're building a simple, intuitive and free HR platform that helps businesses manage their employees, payroll, and benefits from a single location. Our goal is to make life at work awesome for both the business owners and the employees.

Here are the most important qualities we are looking for:

  * Full stack experience with an emphasis on modern web and architecture patterns

  * Expertise in OO javascript with experience building single page applications

  * Ability to rapidly iterate and roll out new code

  * Eagerness to learn new languages and technologies

  * Passionate about user experience, and not shy to give your input

  * Track record of building applications that can scale to millions of users

  * Comfortable working in Linux environments


H-town! Cool, this is the first time I've heard of you!

Who said there's no tech scene in H-Town?

You can also email me directly at jason (at) goco.io

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