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Amazon Web Services is hiring!

Here is a full list of positions we are hiring for:


We are hiring for Seattle, Dallas, and Virginia in the USA. But there are plenty of remote locations that are hiring. We can relocate employees from pretty much anywhere.

We are ALWAYS hiring, but especially for these positions:

Cloud support engineer


Cloud support associate:


Sounds interesting? Email me at chajiang@amazon.com I can send it directly to a hiring manager.

How are the working conditions?

For my role, pretty good. It honestly depends on what team you are on but for my team we nearly all work 40 hours or less.

Great. I actually work in one of Amazon's satellite offices as an SDE-1. Is it possible to move to SEA while being an SDE-1?

Does anybody in engineering work remotely full time?

Not immediately. But I've seen people who are 2/3 years into the company do it. We have an engineer who does this. It all comes down to the team and how your peers value you. If you are really good and a valued member, the company will go out of its way to retain you.

lol. ballsy

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