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FrackOptima | Riverside, CA | Remote OK

My email: john.reaver@frackoptima.com

About Us

FrackOptima is a startup in the petroleum industry that aims to make hydraulic fracturing safer and more efficient through industry-leading simulation software. We are currently a small, 3-person team based in Riverside, CA, but we are already in the middle of a few development contracts with some very large companies, including Shell Oil Company. We get requests every week from other companies who want to use our software, but sometimes we have to turn them away because we simply need more manpower!


We are looking for someone with extensive desktop GUI and graphics programming experience to help us refactor and improve our user interface. Our software is currently being used by dozens of researchers across a few large companies, and we need your help to build the next generation UI by using feedback from our existing customers and your experience.

Required skills/attributes:

- Experience with a large GUI codebase (using Qt is a plus since we use PyQt/PySide)

- Experience with Python (C++ is great too, especially if you used Qt)

- Self-directed and a thirst for learning

- Very effective communicator, especially if you are working remotely

Desired skills/attributes:

- Experience leading the development of or architecting a large user-facing application

- Experience in scientific programming

- Engineering experience or an interest in applied physics (we use solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, various numerical methods for a tightly coupled simulation).

- A technical degree. Having a non-CS technical degree is perfectly fine. In fact, all three current team members have either an MS or PhD in mechanical engineering!

- Extensive graphics programming experience

(More info)

We would like to hire someone full-time, but if you are unsure about committing to the company, we would be fine starting off with a short contract period of a few months.

Work Environment

We highly value self-directed individuals who also have a thirst for learning. In fact, we strongly encourage our team to take time to learn new things to do their job more effectively. We understand that trying to force productivity out of people creates unhappy workers and leads to technical debt. We strive to meet deadlines early and often so we can have breathing room to test new ideas or refactor existing ones.


Remote is OK if you have experience working remotely; we just might want you in Riverside a few times a year. All of our 3 person team lives in Riverside, but we are always happy to accommodate a remote position if it means we can get the best talent. We use version control, continuous integration, and are very comfortable communicating ideas/issues online.


If interested, contact me directly at my email: john.reaver@frackoptima.com. Please attach a resume as well.

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