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Ask HN: Freelancer? Seeking freelancer? (September 2015)
47 points by whoishiring on Sept 1, 2015 | hide | past | favorite | 80 comments
Please lead with either SEEKING WORK or SEEKING FREELANCER, your location, and whether remote work is a possibility.

SEEKING WORK - Berlin, remote or can travel

I am a Data Scientist focusing primarily on music data and applications, but happy to work on other types of data too.

I have a PhD in Music Information Retrieval and offer Data Science services to startups and larger companies, ranging from building or optimising search and recommendation engines to leveraging user and audio data for a personalised user experience.

I would be happy to support you in any or all of the followings:

1. coming up with innovative algorithms tailored to your needs,

2. prototyping solutions and testing them with your data,

3. shipping stable implementations of the best solutions.

What I can do: Machine Learning, Information Retrieval, Recommender Systems, Audio Signal Processing, Big Data, Analytics, Deep Learning…

Former employers and clients include: SoundCloud, Senzari, frestyl, Sony, Philips...

Online "Business card": https://about.me/utstikkar

LinkedIn: https://de.linkedin.com/in/amelieanglade

Email: amelie.anglade@gmail.com


I'm a generalist/full-stack software engineer. I build mobile apps (both native and hybrid), web apps, server systems (REST APIs, etc). I'm reliable, work efficiently, communicate effectively, and take pride in my work.

Technologies: Clojure, JavaScript (React, Angular, jQuery, Node.js), Java, Android, iOS, PhoneGap/Cordova, Elixir/Erlang, Ruby, Python, PHP, AWS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, CouchDB, Redis, RabbitMQ.

Website/CV: http://joef.co.uk

E-mail: joe@joef.co.uk

SEEKING WORK - Remote/New York, NY

My partner and I design and build mobile apps for early-stage companies. Most recently we've helped a number of companies build out their video recording, editing, and sharing platforms. If you need help building compelling and efficient mobile applications, or have any questions about mobile video, shoot me an email at: james@gradient.nyc.

Some past work of ours includes:

* Reveal (http://reveal.me/): We worked with Reveal to improve their video quality 3x while simultaneously reducing the amount of time their users have to wait for videos to begin playing.

* SNBL (http://snowball.is/): My partner developed Snowball's iOS application and backend, including a system for reordering server-side playlists on the fly, removing the processing burden from the user's device and moving it to the cloud.

* Romotive (http://www.romotive.com/): I was Romotive's lead engineer and led development for our initial iOS and Android applications, including our realtime two-way H264 audio/video streaming libraries.

We're based in NYC, but work with partners around the world.

Email: james@gradient.nyc Keywords: mobile, iOS, Android, design, development, product, UX, video, NY.

SEEKING WORK - Remote or near Amsterdam, Netherlands

I'm looking for a freelance iOS project in Swift, starting anytime from now onwards.

More information: http://iandundas.com/resume/

LinkedIn: https://nl.linkedin.com/pub/ian-dundas/90/156/91b

Code examples: I'm currently building an app in Swift 1.2 and ReactiveCocoa 3.0, I'm open-sourcing it here: https://github.com/iandundas/Tacks

About: I'm super interested in bringing quality designs to life as strong, functional and stable software. As a freelancer I've developed for iOS since 2010 (iOS3) and to-date I've shipped 18 diverse, native, apps (becoming comfortable with a wide range of iOS techniques and frameworks). Recently I worked on a few high-profile iPhone apps: a healthcare app for Philips, and two apps for Audi. I'm suited both to working on fast, simple prototypes that take only a few weeks, as well as architecting and building a full app across many months.

To contact me: contact@iandundas.com, skype: ian-dundas, twitter: @id, iMessage: +31610998215

SEEKING WORK - Remote & Atlanta (remote preferred)

I'm a full-stack developer and project manager based in Atlanta. I've built a profitable startup, so I know how to solve problems and get things done with a minimum amount of direction.

I can take on projects at any stage--from sketches on the back of a napkin, to 20 year old legacy code. Whether you need someone to build and deploy a complete product from the ground up, or untangle an existing mess, I can handle it.

I'm an excellent communicator, and I will provide clear and concise status reports through every phase of the project. My job is to make sure you never have to worry about how your project is going.

I'm good with Ruby/Rails, JavaScript (plus many js frameworks), C#, Java, Go, CSS3, and HTML5.

I also have a strong foundation in computer science (B.S. in CS and constantly learning), and experience with many other languages and frameworks. I can handle anything you can throw at me, so don't hesitate to contact me if you don't see your technology stack listed.

Rate: $800 per day. Weekly/Monthly discounts available.

Email: learc83@gmail.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sbrown37

Github: https://github.com/learc83/

SEEKING WORK - Toronto - Remote or Relocation

I am heavily interested in user research, user experience (UX) and user interfaces (UI). A lot of my work has been in data analysis on big datasets and finding ways to visualize them in intuitive ways. Also have experience in informatics, computational biology and bioinformatics.

Technical: Python, Java, PHP, Perl, HTML, CSS, Javascript, databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL server, Oracle). Experience with statistical software such R, Matlab, Octave, and SPSS. Able to work in Windows, Linux or MacOS environments.

User experience and research methodologies such as prototyping (rapid, whiteboard, paper, useable), wireframes and sketching, requirements solicitation, user stories, user interviews, user surveys, analytics, competition studies, and card sorting.

And constantly learning!

Resume: http://www.garon.la

Portfolio: http://www.garon.la/issuu or http://www.garon.la/portfolio for a PDF version

LinkedIn: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/lagaron

SEEKING WORK - Remote or Relocation

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes

Resume: http://fealaer.ru

Github: https://github.com/fealaer

LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/fealaer

StackOverflow: https://careers.stackoverflow.com/fealaer

Email: fealaer@gmail.com


JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Node.js, AngularJS, HTML, CSS (LESS, SASS), MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Cordova/Phonegap, Java, PHP, Sybase, MySQL


I am a Full Stack Web Developer / Software Engineer with 8+ years of extensive professional experience with JavaScript (MEAN, node.js, AngularJS), HTML5, CSS3, Java, PHP, SQL and NoSQL (MongoDB). Highly skilled in system architecture, software design, programming and troubleshooting.

Last 3 years I have been working with MEAN stack as a front end or a full stack web developer. So far, I have 4 completed projects utilizing just AngularJS or complete MEAN stack, also I have several completed projects based on Java SE/EE and LAMP technologies.

SEEKING WORK - Remote, though I'm currently in New York, NY (NYC)

Professional experience with Javascript (ES6/ES7), Node.js, React.js, Sass/Compass, Ansible, Webpack, git/GitHub, Amazon EC2/S3, Phonegap, etc. Also have experience with WebGL/Three.js, Web Audio API, HTML5 Canvas, and D3.js. Love being challenged and messing with new technologies (eg. Elm, Clojurescript, whatever).

Currently working full-time as a full-stack developer on a major music website. It's an isomorphic JS single-page app with 800k daily unique visitors (Node.js, React.js, etc).

I've also been doing some part-time freelancing on a 2D HTML5 Canvas game (and having a blast), developing everything including its own (minimal) custom physics engine.


Personal Website: http://www.jbernier.com (built myself with Node and React)

Resume/CV: http://www.jbernier.com/Bernier,%20Jeremy.pdf

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeremysbernier

Contact: jeremy.s.bernier <at gmail>

SEEKING WORK - Remote or travel around Europe fine. Native British developer based in Warsaw, Poland.

Back-end and front-end jack-of-all-trades, concentrating on PHP/Python/jQuery/Angular/MySQL, experienced with Apache/Nginx/IIS, and general Linux admin, plus the odd bit of AWS and EMR fun.

A few sample projects I work on in my spare time, using PHP/Laravel/MySQL/Angular/jQuery:


http://track-chat.com (also uses Erlang, but I am by no means an expert!)




I'm very good at finding solutions to complex problems, enjoy rescuing projects in trouble, and like working with technology in general.

I always enjoy chatting about projects, whether they're in the planning stages or just need a bit of help; drop me an email today at tom@tbbpolska.com and I'll be delighted to have a chat :)

SEEKING FREELANCER -- REMOTE OK. OpenCraft - Open Source developer on Open edX (Worldwide, company based in France)

Consultancy specialized on the edX project, and hiring to handle increasing demand. edX is a free software project, used by various universities and companies to run online courses. See edx.org, class.stanford.edu, france-universite-numerique-mooc.fr for examples of edX instances.

It's a large Python/Django codebase, with good code standards and architecture (a lot of the edX engineers come from MIT). You would work on different clients contracts using the platform. The clients list/references include Harvard, edX themselves, the French government, and various startups & universities currently running their own instances, or looking to create one. Tasks are varied, from developing custom features for specific courses (XBlocks), customizing instances, developing generic platform features, deploying instances, working on both client/server sides, etc.

A large part of your work would be published as free software (edX is released under the AGPL license, which requires clients to release modifications under the same license), and you would also contribute to the free software project, pushing some of your developments upstream through pull requests, contributing features, documentation or help on mailing-lists.

You would be able to work remotely from where you want, as long as you have a good internet connexion. : )

Stack: Python/Django, Ansible, AWS, Debian/Ubuntu, JS, HTML/CSS, MySQL, MongoDB

Applying: Email jobs@opencraft.com with: your github account, a short explanation of why you're interested and a list of links to free software contributions you have made.


I've worked for 4 startups and on several projects doing web development. I was also Community TA for the Startup Engineering [1] class and for the Machine Learning [2] class at Coursera (Stanford).

I work mostly as a backend engineer and occasionally fixing and writing some Javascript on the frontend (jQuery, Backbone.js). I also can oversee backend development by doing project management and issues and tasks coordination.

I use a methodology for each project like setting up a deployment process/git branching model (development, staging, production), etc., and I'm very pragmatic about researching and using proven solutions (ie: code) to each problem. I code in Python: Django, Tornado, GAE and node.js: Express. Git for source control (Github/Bitbucket). Linux, vim.

Drop me a line: ccarpenterg@gmail.com

[1] https://www.coursera.org/course/startup

[2] https://www.coursera.org/learn/machine-learning/


SEEKING WORK - REMOTE (Located in Malta - can spend a couple of weeks on-site in EU/US).


Android & Full-Stack developer.

Jack-of-all-trades, master of one (Android). I like to take ideas from concept and develop them into apps that are used (& loved) by millions.

Recent Projects: http://gta-5-map.com/ http://vainglorydb.com/ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.curated.an... https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.stylefruits...

Technologies: Android (RxJava, Retrofit, etc.), PHP (Laravel), ReactJS/React Native, and the usual suspects (jQuery, MySQL, Linux Sysadmin).

Rate: $500 per day. Long-term & per project rates can be negotiated.

Email: gtspoon [at] hotmail.com


Location: San Francisco Bay Area, California (CA), and Boulder, Colorado (CO), USA

Remote: yes

Technologies: python (Django, Flask, GAE), JavaScript (Angular, Knockout, Backbone, jQuery, Require.js, Node, Grunt, Gulp,), SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL), AWS, full stack, UX design, front-end, back-end, product management, small business consulting. Microservices, Test Driven Design (Test Driven Development, TDD).

Résumé/CV: http://uplift.agency

Email: info@uplift.agency


We are a family owned team of two: one with front-end+UX skills and one with full stack skills. Think of us as temporary co-founders!

- We work to understand your business, sales and marketing. We are consultants, not engineers

- We help you launch new products or features on deadline and on budget, from design all the way to deployment

- We help you uplift existing parts of your business that aren’t performing as well as you think they should

- We care about our work and are motivated by improving your business

- We pride ourselves with following through after our work is done. We don’t just do the work and leave

Marius and Paul have previously founded a company together and collaborated on numerous projects. We are keen on providing tremendous value for our time and are passionate about doing good while building great products.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

For more details and examples of previous work, including testimonials, please visit: http://uplift.agency

SEEKING WORK - London UK, consultancy, mostly remote. NO RECRUITERS.

I'm a DevOps consultant with 15 years experience hosting web applications and I'm on the lookout for interesting new projects.

I work closely with development teams throughout the project lifecycle (like, DevOps!) to build scalable and long-term robust architectures. Load testing, continuous integration, deploy systems, monitoring, post-mortems, dev projects of my own - you name it I've done it. For larger organisations I've even built & led whole infrastructure teams.

Recent work includes:

+ AWS/Docker platform to securely host a large public-sector microservice-based web app taking millions of pounds per month (yes, PCI) in payments.

+ Physical platform hosting a large, successful news site for the financial sector.

+ Large multithreaded Python 3 application for automated cryptocurrency trading. Don't try this, you won't get rich.

+ Lots, lots more.

hn2015@mbird.biz / https://uk.linkedin.com/pub/alex-hewson/b6/50a/8b4

SEEKING WORK - SF Bay Area or remote

Generally available for freelance web app engineering work. I've been working with Rails and JS for ~8 years now, at all points up and down the stack. Everything from performance work on existing code to bringing up a full-fledged product from wireframes.

In the past, I've worked with companies like Leap Motion, Anki, Rocket Fuel, and TaskRabbit. Before that, I had two startups of my own. In my spare time, I fly airplanes. Currently fully booked through at least the end of September, but I'm always happy to grab coffee and chat.






Contact: todd@toddeichel.com


Building software applications is as much about coding as it is about understanding and solving the actual business problems!

I'm a Zend & SensioLabs certified web developer / consultant with a focus on solving business problems and adding value through product optimisation. This can be done in many ways: creating a new application, suggesting an action plan or architecture, optimizing current set-up / architecture / applications, etc.

At the moment my technology focus is on PHP, Symfony, AWS, MongoDB, MySQL, APIs, NodeJS and Docker. I also care a lot about security (InfoSec), performance, quality, best practices & continuous learning. You can contact me for projects at http://ifdattic.com

Few of the problems I solved for my clients:

    * optimize infrastructure to reduce costs by $10000+ per year
    * implement backup & work flow to avoid using data due to 
      incompetent developers
    * custom applications for improving work flows (document 
      submission, sports coaching, inventory system, etc.)
Website: http://ifdattic.com

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/ifdattic

AngelList: https://angel.co/ifdattic

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ifdattic

GitHub: https://github.com/ifdattic

SEEKING WORK - San Francisco - Remote OK - Travel Possible

Experienced software developer with a history in startups.

Proficient in:

  * Python  ['django', 'bottle', 'google.app.engine', 'pyramid']
  * Javascript  ['angular','backbone','node','firebase'];
  * Clojure  '(compojure liberator)
  * Go {'appengine'}
  * Haskell, Prolog (and other esoterics)
We've helped entrepreneurs develop their MVP, as well as large companies develop core features. We provide services such as feature development, product management, and software auditing.

Previous engagements include Fuze, DriveShift.com, Sosh, Getaround, Codecademy, Factset, Wakemate, drip.fm, and Swiftstack, among others. Currently represented by http://www.10xmanagement.com

For more info see our page at http://turbines.io, or talk to us at hn@turbines.io

SEEKING WORK - Remote (Can visit SF/Bay Area/Jacksonville, FL)

I am a Designer (Interaction Design/UI/UX) and Developer (JS, Swift, Ruby, Obj-C). I typically consult on or perform the following:

- Product design - Strategy, best practices, interaction design, ui design, iconography.

- Front end design & dev - Prototyping, production, management, I've also setup processes for growing teams and established best practices for new hires.

- iOS - Development, Prototyping, Design, Marketing.

- Data Visualization - Static or Interactive.

- GIS - ARC GIS, Google Maps, Mapbox, interactive and time based visualizations.

info(@)bvr.io | http://bvr.io | http://www.linkedin.com/in/dylanrw | http://dribbble.com/dylanrw | http://github.com/dylan

SEEKING WORK - Portland, OR or Remote

I'm a polygot, full-stack developer with 15 years experience. My specialties are Rails, Postgres, Chef, and Ember, although I've also done some iOS and Python Machine Learning/Statistics projects. I am reliable, easy to work with, quick to turn things around, and a good communicator. I can work solo or on a team, either as lead or a team member. I value client satisfaction as highly as technical excellence.

You can see some of my recent work here:




If you'd like to work together, I'd be happy to discuss your project!: pj@illuminatedcomputing.com


Front-end specialist, currently focused on Node.js and all things JavaScript. Seeking consulting/freelance work. I enjoy writing code in small modules. I love working with ES6, architecting Angular and React apps, and helping out with Backbone and performance. I'm a prolific open-source developer and I've published hundreds of small modules.

Location: Buenos Aires, AR (GMT -3)

Remote: Yes (remote only)

Technologies: Node.js, JavaScript, (Angular, React, Open-Source Modules), CSS, all things web

Resume: http://careers.stackoverflow.com/bevacqua

GitHub: https://github.com/bevacqua

Blog: http://ponyfoo.com

JavaScript Application Design: http://bevacqua.io/bf/book/amazon

You can reach me at nicolasbevacqua@gmail.com

SEEKING WORK - Remote only (based in Brazil)

Hi, my name is Flávio and I'm a partner at Vinta Software Studio (http://www.vinta.com.br). We're seasoned Python developers with full-stack experience.

We've built great web applications with Django, Django REST Framework, AngularJS and we're starting to use React/Flux too. We had startups before and we have some as clients right now. Our portfolio it at: https://www.slideshare.net/secret/Dx5Vsp8vOvFqJd

We also are active open-source contributors. Our GitHub is at https://github.com/vintasoftware/. Some of our open-source projects are: - tapioca-wrapper: a Python lib to make RESTful API wrappers (https://github.com/vintasoftware/tapioca-wrapper) - django-role-permissions: a Django app that helps building role based permissions (https://github.com/vintasoftware/django-role-permissions) - cdrf.co: a documentation resource for Django REST Framework developers that is listed on its official website as a third party resource (http://www.cdrf.co/)

We're based on Brazil, but everyone in the team is fluent in English and comfortable to work remotely. We already work with other clients from the US and UK. Payment can be done by the end of each month via wire transfer.

If you're interested or need more info, contact me at flavio@vinta.com.br


Hey all, I do marketing. My big claim to fame is I helped take one of my clients to #1 grossing in eduction in both the iTunes and Google Play store(s) all on an ROI positive budget.

I follow an agile approach to marketing that rejects long form marketing plans and embraces testing and quick iterations. Data is my friend. I believe wholeheartedly in measuring everything and letting the results drive my decision making process. If you want to get inside my head this piece essentially sums up my approach to marketing.


Typically I break things down into week long sprints with dedicated hours where I work on as many things as possible. I can do anything in regards to marketing, but I'm particularly good at:

Mobile App Install Ads

Social Advertising

Organic Social Strategy

Email Marketing

User On-boarding/Activation Consulting

Content Marketing

Lead Generation

Product Market Fit/Customer ID Consulting

If you need a data driven marketer with proven results, feel free to reach out: jeromy@sonnetaylor.com

SEEKING WORK, remote for now (moving to Los Angeles soon)

I bring to the table twelve years of professional software development and architecture experience in finance, mobile, web, and bitcoin. I'm a responsible developer, who communicates well, has a flexible schedule, and is able to understand and consider your business needs. One of the first members of the data analytics team at Squarespace.

Currently working on a part-time and long-term basis with a new analytics startup, which means I can start working with you immediately.


- data analytics, data visualization, and business intelligence

- full stack web dev (backend, frontend)

- bitcoin, cryptocurrencies

- Android


- Python, Javascript, Java

- Django, AngularJS, D3, NVD3, Bootstrap, jQuery, Grunt, Bower

- MySQL, Graphite, Mongo

Challenges I can help you solve:

- Your existing website is doing fine and you need to solidify things: monitoring, alerts, performance, reliability.

- Your data-driven product needs continuing work.

- I can act as your interim CTO if your company is in the early stages and you need someone to own your tech stack for a while.


heliodorj [at] gmail [dot] com


Current personal projects: https://pizzacharts.com and http://counterchef.com

SEEKING WORK - REMOTE or on-site if near Amsterdam

My name is Bart van Kuik, and I'm an iOS software developer with ~15 years of experience in the industry. I have done everything from embedded software and enterprise-class databases to reading out custom electronics and mobile.

Currently I focus on iOS apps, and I can do server-side work as well, preferably in a scripting language like Python, Perl or PHP. Besides development, I've experience with Linux system administration, including security lockdown, configuration of DNS (Bind), Apache, firewall, Xen virtualization, etc.

I wouldn't consider myself experienced with Android but I did ship a small Android project. I've worked with local as well as outsourced teams in China, Indonesia and India.

Website: www.dutchvirtual.nl Contact: bart at dutchvirtual.nl Github: https://github.com/bvankuik

SEEKING WORK - London UK, Remote

I'm a full stack developer based in the UK with over 5 years of experience. I'm currently working with HTML, CSS (LESS and SASS), JS (Backbone, React, jQuery), PHP and MySQL.

I'm passionate about what I do and care deeply about my craft. I pride myself on being a trustworthy and reliable no-fuss developer who produces high quality work.

I'd love to learn more about your business and jump into some large projects but I'm open to all opportunities, those that use my skill set or require me to learn something new.

To get an idea of what I'm about check out my blog and GitHub (links are below). If you'd like to work together please get in touch.

Email: chris.pattle@gmail.com

Website: http://www.chrispattle.com

Github: http://github.com/pattle

SEEKING WORK, Atlanta, GA or Remote

I am a specialist at Android. I have been working independently building Android apps for the past 3 years. I have built apps for startups and established Fortune 500 companies. I have a lot of experience re-creating an existing iOS app in Android while also adapting it to the design and flow that Android users expect and will feel comfortable with. If you have an iOS app and need an Android app, contact me. If you have an existing Android app that needs a UI overhaul to update and modernize it (Material design!) let me know. If you want to build something new and cool, let's talk.

  Website: http://innodroid.com
  Email: greg@innodroid.com
  Stack overflow (top 10% android):  http://stackoverflow.com/users/95462/greg-ennis
  Github: https://github.com/grennis

SEEKING WORK - REMOTE, Part-Time (Bristol, UK)

Full-Stack web developer. Jack of many trades, quick learner, a worker with an extra attention to detail.

Technologies: NodeJS, Python, Ruby, PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, SQL, bash.

Tools: ExpressJS, Django/Flask, Rails, Wordpress, KnockoutJS, Bootstrap, Continuous Integration with Capistrano or Fabric, Git.

I can:

- Build you a RESTful API from scratch with NodeJS, Python or Ruby, integrating with existing architecture (databases, other services, etc). Testing comes without question.

- Set up a continuous integration and deployment environment and flow for existing codebases.

- Take on building individual features (or whole websites) for your project with considerations to your already used technologies, performance and code quality.

- Anything else, which would require a versatile approach.

CV: http://adomasven.com/cv/

Email: adomas [dot] ven [at] gmail . com

SEEKING WORK - NYC Area - Remote

I can help prototype new ideas, research technologies/trends, extend/maintain an existing system, or quickly build out a one-off microsite. I can work solo or in teams with equal ease.

I'm a full stack programmer primarily using C# for backend work, but can provide support for other common languages like PHP.

Portfolio - http://wetzdev.com/

LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/pub/peter-wetzel/a/320/6b1

Twitter - https://twitter.com/pdwetz

Github - https://github.com/pdwetz

Email - my user name on gmail

SEEKING WORK / based in Germany / remote or local engagements throughout Europe or the US.

I'm specializing in getting MVPs done, mostly web apps and full-stack work on websites. My daily rate is $450.

Languages: JavaScript, Lua, PHP, Ruby, Java, C

Environments: LAMP stack, NginX, Node.js, Mac OS X, Linux, BSD

Web Tech: HTML5, CSS, jQuery, React, MySQL, WebSockets, WebGL, Cordova etc.

About me:

  * I started my career at an advertising agency
  * made a toy programming language called np: http://np-lang.org 
    and I'm generally a language design enthusiast
  * I'm a Ludum Darer: http://ludumdare.com/compo/author/udo/
  * Github: https://github.com/Udo/
Profile: http://udo.click/

Contact me at udo.schroeter@gmail.com


SEEKING WORK - Remote / Atlanta, Georgia

Full-stack developer and designer.

Highly skilled at MVP development. Will help you turn your business idea into a fully functioning prototype. Details here:http://stationlevel.com

Over 15 years experience and excellent communication skills.

Recent Projects:

* http://stationlevel.com

* http://duetapp.com

* http://theanchorapp.com

* http://boulevardjs.com

Contact: projects [@] 23andwalnut.com


SEEKING WORK - San Francisco Bay Area / Remote

I’m an iOS developer in the San Francisco Bay Area (Mountain View), specializing in creating native iOS apps. Proficient in Swift and Objective-C. I also have experience building RESTful APIs with NodeJS on Heroku. Veteran of Loopt and Green Dot (the company that acquired Loopt).


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mtviewdave

Github: https://github.com/mtviewdave

Email: dave@metebelis.com

Thank you!

-Dave Schreiber

SEEKING WORK - Remote, Bucharest, or can travel to Berlin or London

Hello :) I'm Alexandra. I have 2 years experience in both corporate and start-up online marketing, in telecom and education.

I am also experienced in organizing large events (especially training events and conferences), as well as in internal communications for small teams (10 - 40 people).

I am seeking a part-time or full-time internship/job in online communications and marketing in a start-up.

e-mail: xandra.ene@gmail.com Resume: http://bit.ly/Alexandra_Ene_RESUME LinkedIn: https://ro.linkedin.com/in/alexandraene Blog: xandranotes.wordpress.com

SEEKING WORK - Copenhagen, Denmark - Remote or onsite


I'm an experienced front-end developer with 6+ years of experience available for immediate hire for new and ongoing projects. I mostly work for startups and agencies, and my speciality is developing and architecting large client-side applications. In the past, I've worked on projects with over 10,000 active users.

I also do quite some back-end development primarily in Python.

Technologies I work with:

- JavaScript in ES2015/2016 using webpack + Babel

- React with Flux/Redux

- Universal/isomorphic web apps

- Backbone

- REST API development

- Python (Flask)



GitHub profile: https://github.com/Pephers

Website: http://fiftyfir.st

My solo-startup website: https://zapla.co

Contact: cr@fiftyfir.st

Feel free to get in touch with me. Thanks!

Chiel Robben


Hi there,

My name is Alexey Paramonov. I'm a leader of a small team of 3 great senior software engineers. For now we are looking for a project to participate in and bring value to it.

Our main area of expertise is development highload/enterprise huge software (including web) that lifetime generally is endless.

We use Scala (Java technology stack) as a main programming language; we use Go, Rust languages if it needs. For web UI we use ReactJS. Also we have good experience in development of BigData systems (using spark, hadoop, prediction.io) and DevOps (Ansible, Docker, AWS).

Feel free to email me: a.paramonov@gmail.com Or message me in LinkedIn: https://ru.linkedin.com/in/anparamonov

Thank you all.


Hey, y'all. How's it going? My name is Ulises and I am full-stack web developer with 7 years experience building large-scale commercial web apps in startup, agency, and enterprise settings in the United States and Mexico.

I fell comfortable across the entire stack , but I currently specialize in JavaScript - 3.5 years Ember/Node - but I have worked professionally with Ruby, PHP, C++, and as DevOps in the past. I went to school for Radio-TV-Film production at UT Austin, concentrating in digital media and motion graphics.

If you'd like to learn more about me I'm at http://ulisesrmzroche.info. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration and looking forward!

Seeking Work:

Location: San Diego Remote: Yes (or if in San Diego, on site)

Type of work: I am looking to transition from developing websites to handling customer relationships, managing process, or an overall consulting role. I have been developing websites, office technology, and marketing full time since 1996. I went straight from high school into web development and have been very busy but now I am free for the first time. My greatest challenge is because I have done everything, I am not quite sure what I do. No one likes someone who does everything.

Resume: https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=9529948

Email: gscott@officeroam.com




Full-Stack Developer; Specialise in cross-mobile solutions.

I am an enthusiastic software engineer with over 5 1/2+ years experience working with agile development teams (including management) on both front and back-end systems. Primarily work with C#/.NET, but have worked with several other technologies and platforms.

Recent large projects involved: Xamarin (inc Forms), AngularJs, ASP.Net 4.5+, iOS (Native Obj-C)

Feel free to contact me through any of the following links:

Github: https://github.com/donskifarrell

Blog (inc AboutMe/CV): http://donalfarrell.com/

Email: donal@donalfarrell.com



SEEKING WORK - Remote/Freelance Python/Django/Mobile/Front-end, with extensive experience building all sorts of web applications, especially e-commerce marketplaces. I've worked a lot over the years with AWS, and have a lot of sys admin experience with config management like Ansible, Chef, Docker. I have a research background in data analysis. I also have experience with Golang, React, Clojure, scipy, numpy, pandas, scikit-learn, nltk etc.

Contact details are below. Here're some examples from my portfolio:

* http://www.grapevinelogic.com - A platform for advertisers to work with Youtube content creators. and many more

* http://turbotaxcpaselect.intuit.com - Turbotax CPA Select, to help select accountants. Formerly Teaspiller.com, acquired by Intuit

* http://publish.saxo.com - publishing platform where anyone can publish e-books, and soon printed books (print on demand) and online courses.

* http://www.hypedsound.com - A platform for music artists to share their content from various networks.

* http://www.igrowfit.com - A fitness subscription app [in-progress]

You can look at http://www.sidmitra.com/portfolio.html for further links

Github: http://github.com/sidmitra

Homepage: http://www.sidmitra.com

Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/sidmitra

Email: sidmitra.del@gmail.com

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SEEKING WORK - Remote/Michigan.

Full-stack RUBY, RAILS, or Devops based projects.

Senior Developer with 8+ years experience and excellent communication skills.

Portfolio: >>>>>> http://featlabs.com/ <<<<<<


* Midwest billing rates (hourly, weekly, monthly)

* Fullstack Ruby/Rails development: frontend/backend/devops

* Javascript heavy apps and Backbone.js

* 3rd party API integrations, Financial Services, Ecommerce, Recurrent Billing, Calendars, Telephone/SMS.

* Mysql, Postgres or MongoDB Administration

* MVP/prototypes. Strong and innovative product development skills

* Rescue/refactor stale/failing projects

For project inquiries send an email to: projects `at` featlabs `dot` com

================= =================

SEEKING WORK - Toronto - Remote

I’m a web designer and developer, now based out of Toronto Canada. I mostly work with web-based startups looking to flesh out the UI of their initial product and help establish a system for maintainable HTML/CSS going forward. I’m looking to work with more startups that need help from a designer/developer hybrid.

I’ve worked with clients who have become alumni of Y Combinator, Techstars and FounderFuel and many have seen measureable success after working with me. Maybe you should join the club! I’d love to hear about your team and product, so let’s get in touch.

All my vitals are at http://eswat.ca/

SEEKING WORK - The Netherlands - Remote preferred, but can travel if needed

Location: Maastricht

Remote: Yes

LinkedIn: https://nl.linkedin.com/in/johnsimonstotalitee

Email: j.simons /at/ totalitee.nl

Areas of expertise: Web-, Desktop-, Embedded and PLC software development, Project Management of small teams

I am a full stack automation engineer with a passion for excellence. Having provided IT solutions for almost 10 years I have built a broad and in depth skill-set in providing automation solutions to single person sized businesses, multi-billion dollar companies and everything in between.

With my experience and a mixed business and automation background I am able to assist in every step of the software engineering process and help guide the direction both technically as well as strategically and identify risk-factors early. I am a (fast) lifelong learner and willing to pick up whatever knowledge is needed to get your job done.

Besides for hire jobs I also regularly mentor other software developers. You can find a small selection of user reviews at: https://www.codementor.io/johnsel#/review

What I can do for you:

- Work with key stakeholders to define and state project goals, milestones, risks, strategy, functional and technical specs

- Build software projects and manage the people around them

- Become a valuable member of your already well-led team and provide new insights and viewpoints

- Provide a second opinion on a project that isn't performing up to par

- Turn around a failing project, by either coaching or taking over entirely

I have experience in the following industries: financial, retail, manufacturing, insurance and education

For more information, or to present a project please email me at j.simons /at/ totalitee.nl

SEEKING FREELANCER | BoardVitals | Ruby & Javascript Developers | New York, NY or Remote

BoardVitals is a education technology startup with a focus on healthcare. Our product helps physicians prepare for medical boards by bringing together content from major publishers, universities, and top healthcare professionals to create the largest training ecosystem in medicine. We are seeking long term contractors to help build out features and scale our infrastructure.

As a distributed team, remote / offshore candidates are more than welcome.

Tech Stack: Rails, Angular, Postgres, Heroku

Email resume, online profiles (e.g. GitHub), rates, and availability to matt@boardvitals.com

SEEKING WORK - London / UK / Remote

A front end developer with a huge passion for all things JavaScript and Front End!

Technologies: front end tech so JS, CSS, HTML, jade, CoffeeScript, gulp, grunt, node, stylus, sass, less, angular, backbone, marionette, MEAN stack, TDD, HTML5 Canvas etc.

Resume: available on request.

Contact: http://jh3y.github.io

Github: https://github.com/jh3y

Open to different types of opportunity whether it be development or consultancy or anything else you might come up with. Check out my code/site and hope to hear from you!


Looking for up to three freelancers:

One with Android/Java experience, to help me take a prototype Android app to market readiness. The work is a mix of refactoring (cleaning up code, extracting some hardcoded functionality into a general and reusable set of classes) and implementing new features.

One with NLP experience, to help build out information extraction models. You're a good fit if you understand what a CRF is and how you might it.

A UX designer with experience on mobile and an understanding of both the aesthetics and the usability constraints involved, to revamp the look of my app.

Contact me for details: hnfl@silverfiresoftware.com


Generalist/full stack mobile & web app dev. I mostly specialise in iOS & Android apps these days, as well as building out API's if required.

Recent work has included a tablet app (iPad & Android) for overseas college students to browse matching courses/view media from prospective universities, an automotive social network app for iOS & Android and a rather large white label app & ecosystem for real estate agents.

Happy to supply links & more details on request - my contact info is in my profile.

Techblast: JS, PHP, Titanium, PhoneGap, Codeigniter, Laravel, HTML, CSS, node, Wordpress, AWS, Parse.

I'm UK based.

SEEKING WORK - Houston, TX or Remote (freelance/contract) Location: Houston, TX Remote: Yes Technologies: Python, Javascript, PHP, SQL, CSS, HTML angular.js, d3.js, jquery, django, flask, puppet, ElasticSearch, Vagrant, postgresql, mongodb, pandas, linux

Interested in freelance / contract opportunities

I am a full stack developer with over 5 years of experience. My software has earned my clients millions of dollars, or helped them determine how to spend millions of dollars. I can do web applications to meet any need or data processing/cleaning/analytics.

Contact: stevemartingale/at/gmail

SEEKING WORK - Chicago, IL or Remote

I'm a Computer Engineer with a love of front-end web design and development. I've designed and developed front-end and back-end web applications, along with native standalone applications. I prefer design over development, but am happy to discuss any project my skillset fits!

I have experience with:

* HTML5/CSS3/Canvas

* JavaScript/jQuery/Node.JS/Socket.IO

* PhoneGap/Cordova (iOS Development)

* Sketch/Photoshop/Illustrator

* Ruby on Rails


* Python

* C#

* Java

* C/C++

Portfolio: http://matthewhoelter.com/portfolio

Email: hello [at] matthewhoelter.com

I'm always happy to talk, so feel free to drop me a line anytime.

SEEKING WORK - Chicago or Remote

I'm a front-end UI web developer based in Chicago.

Skills: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, Node.js, JSON, Adobe CS, Ruby on Rails, Twitter Bootstrap, SASS, LESS, Stylus and AJAX, UI Prototyping

Experience: I have 5+ years of experience with Fortune 500 companies, digital agencies and tech startups. Feel free to drop me an email if you'd like to chat about your project (there is no pressure whatsoever to work with me!)

Also I’m cool with starting off with a trial period to see how things go initially.

Contact: sanjs255/at/gmail (Mention HN please)


Location: Waco, Texas, United States

Technologies: PHP, Javascript, SQL, C#

Resume: https://linkedin.com/in/kennethrapp

Github: https://github.com/kennethrapp

Email: kennethrapp1@gmail.com

Recent technical school CS graduate, with experience in Wordpress, Slim Framework, Laravel and "raw" PHP and Javascript, and academic experience in C#, SQL and C++. Currently teaching myself game development in C++.


Location: north Wales, UK

Remote: Yup

Willing to relocate: Nope

Technologies: PHP: Laravel4/5, Slim, Symfony2, CI; Front end: HTML5, JS, Angular; some Android. More: meigwilym.com/about/skills/

Résumé/CV: http://meigwilym.com/cv

Github: github.com/meigiwlym

Website: http://meigwilym.com

Email: mei.gwilym@gmail.com

I started out front end and worked towards the back. I have a wide range of skills for webdev, and have worked on many projects in over 8 years of experience.

SEEKING WORK - San Francisco / Bay Area / Remote + Travel Welcome

We're Bitmatica. We are a team of engineers, designers, and marketers who love solving problems and building great products.


Our first priority is to deliver a compelling ROI for every web and mobile application we build. To do that, we work closely with our clients to understand their business as if we're truly part of the team.

While other development teams may take your project and disappear for two months (and then deliver an application you had little say in), at Bitmatica we work with you at every step along the way to deliver a great product.


- UI/UX Design, Branding, Visual Identity

- Front-end Web: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React.js, jQuery, Angular, Backbone

- Back-end Web: Ruby (Rails, Sinatra), Node.js

- iOS and Android Development

- Operations and Scaling: Apache, NGINX, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, various No-SQL, and more

- Sales + Marketing Training / Consulting


"Bitmatica is quick to understand new systems, eager to deliver quality results with high impact, and has a deep technical background."

"Hands-down the best firm I have ever worked with."


[1] Launched Autodesk's 3D Printer software + marketing site (http://ember.autodesk.com/)

[2] Built Nitro PDF's cloud dashboard (https://cloud.gonitro.com)

[3] Wrote BART's parking system (http://www.select-a-spot.com/bart/)

[4] Worked with a large US bank on two consumer mobile personal finance applications


Let's work together! hello@bitmatica.com http://www.bitmatica.com/


Location: Kaunas, Lithuania

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes

Technologies: Python, Matlab, Java, MongoDB, Apache Spark, Hadoop, SQL, Machine Learning, Data development.

Resume/CV: https://lt.linkedin.com/in/tomaskazemekas

Email: tomaskazemekas at gmail.com

Data software developer making custom analytic solutions for clients in finance, retail and other industries. Fucusing on analytic and predictive side of web applications. Can work on a project / contract / freelance basis.

SEEKING WORK - New Delhi / Remote

I'm a full stack developer. I've experience taking full ownership and shipping quality products. I've a strong algorithmic background and hold a bachelors in CS. More information is available on my LinkedIn profile.

Technologies: RoR, Javascript, iOS(Swift), React, Backbone

You can reach me at hi AT manshus . com

github: himanshusingh

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/himanshusingh13

SEEKING WORK - Remote only. (Based in Tel-Aviv.)

Hi, I'm Ram, a freelance web developer with six years of experience building web applications for startups. My expertise is in taking your idea and building it from scratch to the point where it's a fully-functional web app that serves paying users.

Technologies used: Python, Django, Postgres, Heroku, Git.

More information: https://chipmunkdev.com/




Full-Stack developer; Jack of All Trades, quick learner.

I love to work with:

- Python

- PostgreSQL or RethinkDB (yeah !)

- JavaScript ES6 (ES7 if I can!)

- React.js or similar technologies

- Flux paradigm (using the Alt.js.org impl is even greater!)

- Rust

- Crossbar.io / Autobahn (WAMP.ws)

I love building realtime web applications, I talk REST API or JSON most of the time.

My toolbelt:

- Webpack

- Many many many many loaders

- Proxies

- Nginx

Feel free to contact me through any of the following links:

(You can take a look to my) GitHub: https://github.com/RaitoBezarius

Email: masterancpp@gmail.com

Thanks in advance!

Raito Bezarius.

SEEKING WORK - Remote (based in Ithaca, NY)

I’m a full-stack web developer focusing primarily on building front-end web applications with ClojureScript and React as well as backend services with Clojure, Ruby and Postgres. Happy working solo or as part of a team.

Contact: scott@scottnelson.co




Experience: 4.5 years (6 months in a startup)

Technologies/Skills: UI, UX, iOS, Android, Web, Knowledge of HTML & CSS

Portfolio: http://radesign.in/portfolio

Blog: http://radesign.in/blog

Email: http://radesign.in/contact

SEEKING WORK - Remote, San Francisco, Washington D.C

I'm a full stack developer and designer.

I'll build you a minimal lovable product for a fixed fee and in 4 weeks.

For web apps, I use Ruby/Rails, JavaScript, Angular. For iOS apps, I use Swift.

To see some of my recent work:



My email: zach@breue.com

SEEKING WORK - Belgian in Estonia / Remote

Full stack Ruby engineer with a penchant for clean code, maintainability and BDD. I have 5+ years professional experience with RoR, and have particular expertise in building SaaS apps, billing systems and APIs.

Read more about me on http://davidverhasselt.com/work or get in touch david@crowdway.com


Technologies: WEB, JavaScript, html5, canvas, Backbone, React, browserify, TypeScript, CoffeeScript, Angular

https://github.com/lavrton http://lavrton.github.io/portfolio/

I love data visualization and frontend dancing. I'm Russia based.

SEEKING WORK - Victoria BC - Remote

I'm a full-stack developer who has built software with a number of technologies, including C#/.NET, iOS/Android, Ruby on Rails, Node.js/express, JavaScript (AngularJS, D3.js) and SQL server. I'm open to working with any new technology as required.

I can provide more relevant details (work experience, code samples) upon being contacted.

Email - connecteddeveloper@yahoo.com

SEEKING WORK - Remote only(UTC+3)

I'm a software engineer who specializes in development of applications for gpus. I have experience working with clients in U.S., Europe and Israel.

Technologies: C++, CUDA, NVIDIA libraries (Thrust, ModernGPU), SQL

Github - https://github.com/antonmks/

You can reach me at antonmks@gmail.com



I am a technology professional with 20+ years of professional programming, sales and marketing experience. If your company does $5mm++ annual rev then reply. I'll give you a free consultation and analysis of about 10+ traction channels that we could explore.



Willing to relocate:No

Technologies: Generalist, PHP, Codeigniter, AWS, Linux, Twitter Bootstrap, Javascript, CSS, Html5, Jquery, MysSql, Human Communications, Finance



SEEKING WORK - London or Remote (freelance/contract)

Location: London

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes

Technologies: Javascript/node.js, C++ (boost,stl)/ c#, python

Linkedin: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/engclaudioviola

Interested in freelance / contracts opportunities (London,UK or remote)


SEEKING WORK - Edinburgh (UK), remote (preferred)

Copy And Documentation Editor, Conversion Rate Optimiser And Proofreader.

Does your website, documentation, or book have grammar goblins, sentence snarks, and word wights? I'll banish them while simutaneously marshalling your copy into a more readable style, which will positively impact your conversion rates and give you rabidly loyal customers or readers.

Latest article of interest: Editor’s Case Study: Krita, the Opensource Photoshop Replacement - http://www.beccajuddproofreading.com/editors-case-study-krit.... This was published yesterday. Krita's devs are awesome, and they have responded to the case study enthusiastically and with immediate changes to their site.

A recent client's thoughts on my work: "I hired Rebecca to proof-read and edit my book before it went to layout. In my perfect manuscript she found and corrected about 1000 errors, and the book is much stronger for her work. She was reliable, professional, competent, and prices her work fairly. I'd definitely hire her again." - Guy Windsor, historical swordsmanship expert and author.

Technologies: British English, American English, Markdown, Git, Word/OpenOffice, Scrivener, Google Docs.

Résumé/CV: http://www.beccajuddproofreading.com/

Email: becca@beccajuddproofreading.com

Twitter: @Becca_Judd

LinkedIn: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/beccajudd

My current and past clients include specialist coffee producer Has Bean, author and Hacker News regular Charles Stross, and (in a pro bono capacity) one of Coursera's biggest MOOCs, "Learning How To Learn."

I currently have space to take on new editing and proofreading projects.

Please see my website for further information, including pricing plans: http://www.beccajuddproofreading.com/

If you're interested in learning more about how I could help you, I invite you to email me at becca@beccajuddproofreading.com

SEEKING WORK - USA - Remote only

I wrote an open source, headless/programmable browser in Java (link in my profile). It's comparable to any of Selenium WebDrivers. I will take on consulting work to help integrate this for you and/or add new features to the open source project.

SEEKING WORK - Austin, TX & Remote

Angular front end development. .NET backend is ideal, but I'm open to learning something new.

Links to resume, blog, linked in, etc.:


SEEKING FREELANCER - REMOTE (preferably East Europe due to Timezones)

I'm looking for a solid system administrator that has worked extensively with Chef, Docker, Vagrant and the likes.

Bonus for admins who worked with scaling infrastructure (1K nodes, 10K nodes, etc.)

Contact me at: jobs@kidsil.net

SEEKING WORK - Houston / Remote

Hi there! My name is Weston and I'm looking for a role in customer service or customer success at a startup. FT or PT. Thanks!

Resume: linkedin.com/in/westonludeke Email: weston(at)westonludeke(dot)com

SEEKING WORK - Santa Clarita, CA - Onsite or Remote

PHP Developer

Solid experience in overcoming bottlenecks to get projects finished and launched.

Contact info, list of skills and hourly rate in profile:


SEEKING WORK - London or Remote

iOS developer looking for new projects. http://bit.ly/1uh9Ori Feel free to email at nickiosdev+hn@gmail.com

SEEKING WORK - REMOTE (based in Italy) - bootstrapping my own project, offering services as a data analyst / data scientist with Python; CV from profile; mail: gi.cornac@gmail.com


80% front-end / 20% back-end guy, passionate about minimalism and good design. JavaScript freak.

Portfolio: http://neeeat.com

SEEKING WORK - remote, Islamabad Pakistan

Focus on Javascript apps.

Tools/Stack: node, vim, Python

site: http://thirdknife.github.io


SEEKING WORK - Baltimore, MD / Remote

Designer available for freelance projects: http://www.rickkercz.com/2015




Proficient in:

- Google Go / Golang


- Java

- C/C++

- PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, Cassandra

- Cloud platforms, i.e. AWS

- Design: HTML, CSS etc.

Many happy clients!

SEEKING WORK - REMOTE - iOS / Android native app developer.

15+ apps published to App Store / Play Store.

Location: Singapore

Portfolio: Will be provided on request.

Email: reenignesio at gmail


Looking for a Swift/iOS developer for a short-term project on a third-party keyboard.

E-mail: michael.oshman@gmail.com

SEEKING WORK - Remote (Vancouver, BC)

Looking for Python, PHP, jQuery type of work.

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