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I had an interesting experience a few days ago: I was walking to my office, through a small cluster of other buildings in the same complex, and I ended up walking perpendicular to someone who I immediately recognized, based on body shape, face, hairstyle, dress, and shoes, as myself. Of course my rational bits knew it was just some other guy who looked a lot like me, but it was a close enough match that my recognition bits would intermittently "lock on" and tell me I was watching myself from 20 feet away. And that was disturbing as hell.

Anyway, now I know I have a doppelgänger working two buildings over, so I need to figure out what team he's on so I can crash his next office unwinder.

When I was in high school, my girlfriend texted me a photo of me kissing some girl (not her) who was sitting in a swing.

At first I thought "Woah who is taking secret pictures of me?!" but then I realized I didn't recognize the girl I was kissing in the photo.

So at that point I'm really confused -- there is a photo of me kissing a girl I don't know, in a park I've never been to. Photoshop? Is this a prank?

My girlfriend then quickly follows up with "Weird right? I met this couple at the park and he looks just like you from the side. From the front he has a bit of a wider face, though. And he's Italian."

Had she not told me that, I would have completely believed that I'd been photoshopped into a photo. I couldn't spot a single dissimilarity.

I wonder if any relationships have ended because someone's significant other saw what looked like them with another person.

Phenotype space is probably not continuous given genome structure. So it appears like you can vary features almost arbitrarily, as you see in the Oblivion video game, but in fact you see a lot of genetic collisions due to a much smaller search space combined with the birthday paradox.

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