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Years of training in what? We don't even have an objective, widely-agreed-upon scientific definition of ADD yet. Years of medical training don't help you do the impossible, which is to understand what it's like to be in someone else's head.

And we're not talking about just any layman. We're talking about the person actually experiencing the symptoms.

It was an honest question: what in a medical doctor's training makes them better at diagnosing ADD than the person suffering from it? Like the sarcastic post, you're taking a position without explaining your reasoning.

Years of training in understanding whatever little we know about ADHD etc.

> We're talking about the person actually experiencing the symptoms.

Yeah, me too. That makes me an expert, right? The fact is, I didn't even know until 5 years ago. You can make a qualified guess before asking a doctor yes, but at least here it seems a doctor has to rule out a lot of options, including sleep apnea before he they go with ADHD.

Also, as has been mentioned before, practicing d/p tend to see a few cases every year and has at least some background to say what is normal and not.

All this should be obvious, shouldn't it? It is not like anything I have written so far requires huge leaps of faith, no?

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