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As someone dealing with ADD but (for legal reasons) can no longer get any Adderall (which is what I had as a kid to help out), does anyone have recommendations on alternative solutions that they've found to help?

"Gamification". And get me right here: not dumbifying.

I used to depend on the pomodoro technique and a other hacks like "autofocus" etc.

Basically techniques that allow you to set targets that you can easily and provably reach even if that target is just work-on-this-and-nothing-else-for-x-minutes-and-make-a-check.

Edit: and deadlines. Maybe another reason why the pomodoro technique works so well.

The amino acid L-Tyrosine is a dopamine precursor and has a mildly beneficial effect. It's available over the counter though I've had to order on Amazon since it's not often found in stores. When I'm off meds I'll take that, some multi vitamins and a few cups of coffee (which is essentially a homemade 5-hour energy)

I mentioned this in other comments on this thread but there is a video series that is really great by Russel Barkley - he talks about education and coping strategies for kids and adults that aren't totally reliant on on meds. Relying on lists and reminders are important for adults

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