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Here is information about current Israeli medical research that indicates a physical marker is close to being identified--by involuntary eye movements.


Given that the condition was described over 2500 years ago by Hippocrates himself, I think you're parroting something that is akin to anti-vaccination theory. No credible science supports you.

I will also add, as I said below:

1) ADHD is more heritable than height. If it were "made up" that couldn't be true. Many parents are getting diagnosed when their kids come in, because those of us in the 70s and 80s were very under diagnosed.

2) ADHD has one of the highest co-morbidities of any mental condition, for the precise reason that we don't look "sick" --like depression or schizophrenia--so people assume things like talking too much, bouncing our legs,forgetting details, messy desks and so on, are signs of a character flaw. From the time we were small children our parents and teachers may have constantly berated us, calling us lazy, or stupid. That can give you a raging case of anxiety and/or depression and the science does show that if you treat for ADHD, the depression and anxiety often lift.

I never suggested ADD is made up. I simply posted an interesting opinion that it's defined in a problematic way. Nothing I said (or linked to) suggests that there are no physiological markers for ADD, or that it doesn't exist.

The headline was: Doctor: ADHD doesn't exist.

When it comes to science, opinions are not helpful. this article is akin to vaccine denial, no matter how "interesting" you found it.

I know hacker news isn't for this kind of debate though, so I will stop at just pointing out the total inaccuracy of your statement.

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